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  1. Dolebludger

    Guitar Center?

    I have had a bit of GAS for a PRS SE semi-hollow in Santana yellow. I got a GC coupon via email offering a 20% discount on "qualyifing items" over $99. As the street price on this guitar is $849, I called GC to see if it might be a qualifying item. To find out, I had to go through many...
  2. Dolebludger

    My Wife?

    Received my issue of GP mag today. On the fifth page (not numbered) there was a pic of a guitar that we both thought was cool. I got more info about it from the listed website. I found that the price is $32,000! As a joke I took this site info to my wife and said “I want this” . And she said...
  3. Dolebludger

    Hook Up Question.

    This thread isn’t about what you think. You see, I just bought a Vox Classic Rock headphone amp with reverb, delay and chorus. FX adjustable to a degree. I like it though my headphones. I would like to run its FX through my tube amp. But the only output is a stereo 1/8” inch plug in. So what I...
  4. Dolebludger

    What would you do

    Now we live in the Colorado mountains, which is where my wife has always wanted to live. But there is a historic area of Tulsa Ok where I have always wanted to live. I was checking values here and there, and was shocked by what I found. Home values have been going up so much here that I could...
  5. Dolebludger

    Ernie Ball Sub AX3

    A very cheap guitar. Price new was $225. Still, it is great for playing classic rock. it is such a cheap guitar that it has a photo finish top. Don’t try to relic this one! It was highly rated in a GP article so I ordered one. That was a few years ago, so I don‘t know if it is still around or...
  6. Dolebludger

    C8 Corvettes?

    Do they exist? It has been about a year since I contacted all the Chevy dealers in reasonable distance from me. I asked all of them to contact me when they got one in that I could test drive or at least see, touch, and sit in. I told them if I liked it I am a cash, no trade, buyer. Nobody has...
  7. Dolebludger

    If you ever find this, buy it!

    PRS SE had an “Orianthi” model that had a silly red sparkle top that wasn’t carved much, and was a much ignored guitar. But the 2012 model had a carved maple top with a flamed veneer and a thin maple neck and an ebony board. I bought one of those. Even though I have some more valuable guitars...
  8. Dolebludger

    PRS SE locking tuner source.

    Hey, all! ’i have a 2012 PRS SE “Orianthi”“ guitar. It was the only year of this model without that “sparkle red” top— instead mine has a nice red stained flamed maple top. In any event, it is my fav guitar, except I would like locking tuners to install, which would not involve drilling any...
  9. Dolebludger

    Guitar polish and protectant?

    About a year ago, I posted here about the vitrues of using 303 touch-less protectant on guitars. Well, despite some controversy about using this automotive product on guitars, I used it on all 12 of mine. All of them have been on stands or in their cases for close to a year. Because of...
  10. Dolebludger

    If you ever get the chance ....

    If you ever get the chance to buy a 2012 PRS SE Orianthi guitar, pull the trigger if the price is decent, Now the models of this guitar, up to and including the 2011 model had flat “sparkle red” tops that looked silly to me. But the 2012 model had a carved flame maple top (not veneer) a mahogany...
  11. Dolebludger

    Where Is the Fake Epiphone thread

    It used to be a sticky. It was educational and fun. Where did it go?
  12. Dolebludger

    Did I really screw up?

    September 1st is our 36th wedding anaversery. And I bought my wife, Carol, a mop! Now before you prepare yourselves for my funeral, know this. It is an iRobot Roomba digital mop for hardwood and tile floors (which most of ours are). And that is what she said she wanted. With the pandemic (and...
  13. Dolebludger

    Locking Tuners?

    What do you think about them. I have 12 guitars and only one with them. They are Spergel tuners, as well as I can read the brand on the tuners. It is a 2014 Carvin I bought used a few years back, before Carvin became Kiesel and controversial. In any event, I really like the lockers. It seems to...
  14. Dolebludger

    Fake Gibson Thread?

    If there is one, I can’t find it. It would be a great addition to this forum, and provide needed education.
  15. Dolebludger

    Ignoring Members?

    When looking at forums, I occasionally see that I am ignoring posts by certain members. Problem is, I have not intentionally ignored any member, and I don’t want to do so! How can I fix this?
  16. Dolebludger

    Strange situation.

    In our city restaurants are open with restrictions but bars are closed. It is difficult to make the distinction, as almost all restaurants have full bars and many have live music. I guess it is a restaurant if it serves full meals and not just bar snacks. IDK. But in any event, all our...
  17. Dolebludger

    Kahn amp heads?

    Anybody have any experience with these? They were suggested to me by another player, because they are all tube 18W heads that are about the size of a book and weigh 6.5 lbs. They are supposedly for those who fly to gigs, or old guys like me who don’t like to carry heavy heads. There seem to be...
  18. Dolebludger

    PRS SE Content.

    I haven’t played much in about ten months because I screwed up my picking hand (right). Then I got a few new FX that I use sparingly. Then I tried things out on all of my guitars — all twelve including a real 61 Gibson LP SG Standard, Carvins, Epis, Strats, Teles and everything — from the...
  19. Dolebludger

    Is the 2020 Corvette real?

    Have you actually seen one? I have emailed the four Chevy dealers whom the Chevy web site says to contact about a Vette in my area. Only two have bothered to respond. I gave those two my specs as to model, colors, and options and inquired about ordering one. I told them I was in no hurry so the...
  20. Dolebludger

    My wife.

    I really don’t know how I got her or how I really deserved her. I had read much about the 2020 Corvette, and said I would possibly like one after I test drove one — and if so, could I buy one? Her response was why buy one? Why don’t you buy a Ferrari, Lambrogini, or Maclarin? I said those cars...

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