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  1. cybermgk

    Rule #32 - Enjoy the little things

    The Thread title was taken from the classic Zombieland. Though true, I think it misses the mark on cosmic truth just a tiny bit. For, to enjoy the little things you have to be open to see, to witness them, notice them when they happen, and THEN enjoy them. I was reminded of this, just moments...
  2. cybermgk

    Buttigieg busted

    This is hilarious (in a disgusting sad way) Pete Buttigieg is caught staging a "look how green I am" farce. He is caught driving close to the office, in a giant gas guzzling Armored Suburban, unloading a bike, so that he can ride it the last little way, under cameras
  3. cybermgk

    Klon Kraziness Shootout

    9 Klones and a Klon in a shootout
  4. cybermgk

    AXE FX new Firmware in beta, Cygnus, sure looks good.

    Fractal is promising more thump, chug and Amp in Room feel and tone in Cygnus Here is one of the Beta Testers running the upgraded Plexi Model. 2011 Fender Eric Johnson Stratocaster stock Plexi 100 1959SLP model - Axe-FXIII FW:16 b2 Vibe - Axe-FXIII FW:16 b2 Wah - Axe-FXIII FW:16 b2 Hall...
  5. cybermgk

    Vid on the 'Filtertron' Sound

    I liked his P90 vid better, as I think he had a little more depth in that one. Buuuut
  6. cybermgk

    Just A Little Friday Afternoon Shred Courtessy of Mr Betts and Mr Setzer

    Setzer joins a little over half in. Sometimes forget how good Dickey was/is
  7. cybermgk

    Okay, sure, it sounds good, um but.......

    The new Boss Nextone Special sounds good. It has a great set of features. I like that the modelled different tube selections, you can adjust some important features on them and save them. But a $899 street price? I really like the Blackstar Silverline Series. In some ways it's better than...
  8. cybermgk

    VId with tone comparison between Quad Cortex and Kemper

    One interesting find of his, was getting a mid boomy thing profiling with the Kemper. When I had a Kemper, I found on my own profiles, sometimes that could be the case. Now, guys like M Britt, nope, never had it in his profiles. But, IF the quad Cortex (and from this vid, it IS doing...
  9. cybermgk

    Spark Amp Owners, do you understand your Amp's presets vis-a-vis the Amp Select knob?

    Maybe this is fully understood by everyone, maybe not. To me it wasn't that intuitive, until you played around a bit. And frankly, the Spark User manual sucks badly. In simple terms, the Amp Select knob, on the amp itself, has 7 settings. Bass, Acoustic, Clean, Glassy, Crunch, Hi Gain and...
  10. cybermgk

    Wanna learn about how drive pedals work?

    Wampler has a bunch of videos that are informative and do NOT require an EE degree.
  11. cybermgk

    SOLD - Warehouse Guitar Speakers ET90 Speaker 8 ohm

    Get a Bargain on a great Made in USA Speaker by a great Company. These, new normally cost $119 ON SALE! In great condition. Used only enough to break in the speaker. This is an 8 ohm 90 watt rms speaker SOLD From WGS The ET90 is our latest addition to the ET65 lineage. Taking its core...
  12. cybermgk

    Line 6 PODs through the generations (and how IRs make a big difference)

    1. I like this guy's vids. Like to see his channel take of more, so here you go. 2. He goes through the evolution of Line 6 Pods, both in word and examples. It's interesting. 3. He shows the POD line's weakness, the built-in IRs, and inability to load outside ones, by turning themm off and...
  13. cybermgk

    PSA - Positive Grid's BIAS FX II on sale half off

    Familiar with their modelling prowess, via the Spark Amp and their free plug-in. But for 5 Days Plus, they have BIAS FX II on sale for $49. Pretty good stuff on paper as far as features. Even has GUitar Match, take YOUR LP, analyze then create a Guitar match (appears to be IR) to make it...
  14. cybermgk

    Modelling Myths

    Vid is a little old, 2 years, but great points. I would say, that for most average players, if you actually want the same gear as a Joe B, well you'll never afford what he uses. But with a Modeller, you can.
  15. cybermgk

    NMD - Axe FX III Mark II First looks

    My new Axe FX III came yesterday. Spent hours playing through it, until my fingers hurt. It is a phenomenal piece of kit. If I hadn't already had an Axe FX II XL+, it would be a jaw dropping experience. I'll do an in depth review, after more time. For now I'll try to answer the question, If...
  16. cybermgk

    SOLD - Like New Axe FX II XL+

    I bought this from Fractal. Only owner. Used only in studio. It's in like new condition. Running the most current Ares 2.0 Firmware with the Amp models updated from the Axe FX III. Monster sounding. I sold my Kemper and kept this. I was happy to keep running this, but came into a perfect...
  17. cybermgk

    Well, the Planets aligned, so incoming NMD

    Planets finally aligned, for me being financially able to, at the same time my number came up on the wait list for an Axe FX III came up. So, a shiny new Axe FX III Mod 2 is 'shipped' (well it has a UPS tracking number, still not in their hands), So, assuming It has no issues, expect one of...
  18. cybermgk

    NGD - Line 6 JTV-59 Variax, love this guitar

    II was looking for something different. I was also looking to get something to do Acoustic tones, in an Electric format. I also, at this time wanted something with a lot of versatility as far as different tonal territory. It is pretty much all I get now. I looked at Various models with...
  19. cybermgk

    Opinions/Experience with Line6 Variax JTV-59

    I just purchased a Demo (in excellent almost new shape, 3 TINY scratches). It's a 2019 manufacture, Black, with the Ebony fret board). Those that have a JTV-59 what are your general opinions? Mind you, I am a modeler guy, so that part really appeals to me. In particular, I am curious about...

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