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  1. Roxy13

    New Gibson Les Paul Traditional with separated neck.

    They use Titebond on the USA line for sure. I'm not sure on Custom Shop. Obviously no trace of it on the OP's guitar, not to mention Titebond can be quite a nightmare to remove a neck with.
  2. Roxy13

    Orianthi SJ-200 CS signature.

    I like the color but not the rest of it.
  3. Roxy13

    What guitars did you buy in the past 12 months?

    Not as many as the year before since I'm partial to MIJ guitars and shipping is an issue right now. 1978 Aria Pro II RSB 800 bass 3 Tokai bodies and necks that were unfinished and in their warehouse 1978 Aria Pro II LC600 singlecut custom in light violin finish 1973 Burny FSG 70 SG style with...
  4. Roxy13

    Do you all think the Baby Boomer generation had the best musical experience?

    Late 60s Gen Xer yawns.
  5. Roxy13

    Fun wiring ideas for strat?

    I like how my G&L was wired with a volume and then a bass and treble on the tone knobs.
  6. Roxy13

    New Gibson Les Paul Traditional with separated neck.

    I might have to think about my answer the next time someone asks if it's safe to hang their Gibson on the wall.
  7. Roxy13

    The Unofficial Official Anything Bacchus/Momose/Deviser Theory, Photo & ID Thread!

    The blue Baccus arrived a week ago. It's in nearly new condtion. Both the top and back are darker than how it looked in the auction pics, but I actually like it better. I found the original SD90 tuners in the gigbag although they won't be going back on since the hole for the shafts was enlarged...
  8. Roxy13

    Non-controversial weight relief technique for Les Pauls . .

    I've noticed most of the online retailers don't give you the weight. Usually I play sitting down so it's not that much of an issue. But, even a 3.5" wide strap is kind of too big for my shoulder. It wants to dig into my neck or slide off the edge lol.
  9. Roxy13

    Used shops in Japan for ESP?

    Sometimes patience is required when you want something specific. And those of you who are leftys, probably plenty required.
  10. Roxy13

    High end Tokai LSJs? (juniors, single P90, single cut)

    I did see a used Tokai one this morning but lousy pics of it. And a used Greco one as well. Both were yellow.
  11. Roxy13

    High end Tokai LSJs? (juniors, single P90, single cut)

    I have an RLG 90 with no checking and someone else here has some that have massive checking. I guess I should put it out in the truck one winter night and then bring it in and open the case.
  12. Roxy13

    High end Tokai LSJs? (juniors, single P90, single cut)

    Soundhouse in Japan has several Tokai Specials (two p90s, slab), but not any juniors. The only juniors they have must be Chinese as the are priced too low to be MIJ.
  13. Roxy13

    High end Tokai LSJs? (juniors, single P90, single cut)

    Yes, Wulfman is a member here and he definitely likes Bacchus guitars. Ah, a new one and not used. I'm not sure who might be making one right now if Tokai isn't. Edwards possibly?
  14. Roxy13

    How to lighten fretboard inlays on a reissue

    I don't believe they can be lightened. If you really don't like them they would have to be replaced. I personally think they are quite pretty.
  15. Roxy13

    High end Tokai LSJs? (juniors, single P90, single cut)

    They are harder to find and because of that often cost more than the usual standards. Burny Rock N Roll would be poly. Only used ones would be available. I think the MIJ Bacchus are nitro finish, but maybe Wulfman knows more about those.
  16. Roxy13

    FS: Brand new TKL LP Case

    I have the SG version and these are great cases. IMO better than the case that comes with a Gibson. Someone should snap this up!
  17. Roxy13

    Who makes the best intermediate priced ($800-1250 used) modern 335?

    Kurosawa just posted one on Reverb at the upper end of your price range, not including the shipping.
  18. Roxy13

    Oiling machine heads?

    They probably do ship to Sweden, but I bet it takes forever these days! However if they have other things you need that you can't find there maybe it would be worth it.
  19. Roxy13

    Oiling machine heads?

    I'd give them some time. Everytime I buy new tuners for a guitar they are stiffer at first. StewMac makes an oil for them that is easy to apply through the little hole but it might be a gimmick for all I know.
  20. Roxy13

    Tutorial on Japanese guitar auctions and importing?

    Just based on that news the 2 I have at Jauce would probably be cheaper EMS then instead of DHL. I guess I'll wait one more month. Thanks, Wulfman.

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