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  1. cybermgk

    Rule #32 - Enjoy the little things

    The Thread title was taken from the classic Zombieland. Though true, I think it misses the mark on cosmic truth just a tiny bit. For, to enjoy the little things you have to be open to see, to witness them, notice them when they happen, and THEN enjoy them. I was reminded of this, just moments...
  2. cybermgk

    And he still showed up late

    Thread title, for some odd reason made me think of this
  3. cybermgk

    Red Hot Chili Peppers Sell Publishing Rights to Song Catalog for $140 million

    K, someone has to do it. I guess they didn't just, Give it away, give it away, give it away now.
  4. cybermgk

    Considering a Set of Wolfetones

    Nice group to be a fan of,
  5. cybermgk

    Anyone got a mask suggestion.....

    Oh you triggered her on multiple fronts, White, Male No Mask Oh and a PRESENT Father, in his kids lives.
  6. cybermgk

    HB P90 Bart Simpson Spider Pig edition

    Spider Pig! Spider Pig! Does whatever a spider pig does! Can he swing from a web? No he can't He's a pig Lookout! He is the spider pig!!
  7. cybermgk

    Fun wiring ideas for strat?

    Typical Blender pot, to use neck and bridge together Blend/volume for Middle PUP on pos 2 and 4 (3 too) Pushpull and/or blend to add Neck pup to Bridge and middle positions, Bridge to Neck and Neck and middle.
  8. cybermgk

    Which one of these amps would you buy?

    Not just the cost of the speaker. Speaker needs break-in time to sound it's best. BJr and C-Rex are a perfect match imho. C-Rex takes away, some stuff I didn't like in BJrs and enhances some I do like.
  9. cybermgk

    Anyone got a mask suggestion.....

    Use these with comfortable mask of your choice, that fogs
  10. cybermgk

    Anyone got a mask suggestion.....

    Most airlines won't allow masks with ports
  11. cybermgk

    My SGs

    Only one, It's birthdate was on my Birthday, the year my youngest son was born.
  12. cybermgk

    Problem with Finish on 120th Anniversary Les Paul Traditional

    Not what you're wearing, but what might be on it. Nitro reacts to a lot of chemicals, rubber, silicone based cleaners, polishes, among many. Get some cleaning crap on your sleeve, play, don't wipe it down, voila.
  13. cybermgk

    What guitars did you buy in the past 12 months?

    Last 12 months? My 2 Variax guitars Variax JTV-69s Variax JTV-59
  14. cybermgk

    Poll: Should Gibson add the Melody Maker to the Original Collection?

    Sorry, can n o t resist. Overwhelming urge, bad joke arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggggg So is the one on the left a Dusky Husky?
  15. cybermgk

    Different amps, 1 cab?

    And vitriol, inability to admit they are wrong, and lack of knowledge, certainly doesn't make a tech. To whit, you specifically said Let's see A switchy thing, which to most people means singular, as in a singular switch thingy. Has you said a pair of, two, some switchy thingies, then it...
  16. cybermgk

    Different amps, 1 cab?

    Whatever dude. You can lead a horse to water, doesn't mean they will drink. Do waht you want with your amps. BEST case scenario, is you run your tubes too hot, burning them out faster, worst case scenario is a costly failure. But, thy are your amps, blow em up any way you want. It isn't my...
  17. cybermgk

    Different amps, 1 cab?

  18. cybermgk

    Different amps, 1 cab?

    THis is potentially misleading. Yes, some one could make a single switch that can split and route guitar input AND amp output. It is possible. But, the signal strengths of the two are drastically different. This is why you can NOT use a simple guitar switch pedal, to switch an Amp head from...
  19. cybermgk

    Different amps, 1 cab?

    Most of them. Go turn on an amp, with cab attached, take it off standby. Do you hear anything at all from that speaker? Turn up the gain and/or volume. Do you hear louder hiss as you do? How do you think that noise is getting to that speaker? Even the cleanest amp, your still going to...
  20. cybermgk

    Different amps, 1 cab?

    Simply not true on all amps,

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