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  1. Roxy13

    Opinions on glue

    It is time to start assembling some of my guitar projects, but I'm still undecided on glue. I've read quite a bit on hot hide glue, hide glue that comes in bottles (Titebond and Old Brown), fish glue and just plain ol' Titebond. What do you like most?
  2. Roxy13

    Gibson LP Special owners, some assistance please

    I also posted this over in Other Singlecuts because the guitar I have over here is an Orville (Gibson's MIJ version of their guitars they made there from 1989 to 1999). The guitar was here for other work, but I plugged in today to hear it now that it has new frets, nut and strings and...
  3. Roxy13

    Need help from Orville or Greco LP Special type guitar owners

    Could someone please check and tell me if there is a ground wire from the TP to the control cavity in your guitars? I have an Orville LP Special here (Fujigen) and there is not one going from the TP to the control cavity to a pot. I have a feeling it should have one although there isn't the...
  4. Roxy13

    Need some help, 50s wiring with master volume and master tone problem SOLVED

    Ok, I am baffled so I'm going to post this up and see what you all have to say. I used this wiring diagram on a LP style guitar with 2 P90s. My tone pot barely makes any difference from 10 to 0 and I don't know why. The pot is good and meters as expected on the sweep. The cap reads 0.022 uF as...
  5. Roxy13

    If you could only have one right now, drum sander or planer?

    As the title says, which would you choose and why? I almost think maybe a drum sander is the better choice since I keep reading planers will tear out curly maple. And I could plane with my router using that router box I made following (I think) Peter's design? Ideally I'd like both, and I'm...
  6. Roxy13

    Which router for cavities?

    I've been wondering which of my routers will be better to use (and easier to control) for routing out pickup and control cavities. I have the larger Bosch, which does have a plunge base: I also have the Bosch...
  7. Roxy13

    Spotfacer/counterbore for headstock truss rod nut access

    I found another bit I still need, and that is one to drill the cavity under the truss rod cover where one accesses the truss rod nut. I've read some conflicting info on here as to the size. Some say 3/4", and others say 9/16" or 5/8". I have found these bits. 3/4" by 3/16" pilot...
  8. Roxy13

    Not receiving emails that I have PMs

    I always used to get an email that I had a PM. The last time I got any was on Wednesday though. And now I also can't view someone's album that is posted here. Any ideas about what is wrong?
  9. Roxy13

    And a Cornucopia of Singlecut Goodness

    I also took some photos of some of my other singlecuts today while I was at it. A couple of them I haven't ever taken any photos of since they've been here. My beloved Burny of unknown model in bourbon burst. I do know the finish is nitrocellulose and so are the inlays! Really hard call though...
  10. Roxy13

    The Japanese Honeysuckle Trio

    From left to right Bacchus Classic Series flame top, Edwards Pure Material and Bacchus Classic Series plain top. Bacchus flame top: Edwards PM: Bacchus plain top:
  11. Roxy13

    Some final router bits I need to collect up for builds

    I'm almost ready tool wise for my first scratch build. I sure had to collect up a lot of stuff that I didn't already have! At any rate, have a bandsaw, spindle sander now, air compressor is coming in the next couple of days so that takes care of the large items. I've gotten a Dremel base and...
  12. Roxy13

    Anyone use the Kovax polishing system for a small finish repair?

    I did something stupid last night and got a couple of tiny drops of acetone on a nitro finish. The guitar in question should not have had a nitro finish or I would have taken precautions, but oops. And just to make sure I wasn't crazy I then tested the finish in one of the pickup cavities and...
  13. Roxy13

    I have a kitten

    A couple of weeks ago when I walked into the barn this cat jumped up and there was a black kitten underneath her and they both bolted. I've seen it's mother a few times over the past couple of years, but months can go by between sightings. Last night I thought I saw the kitten on it's own in the...
  14. Roxy13

    Older SD '59 worth repairing?

    I have an older SD '59 B pickup wound by Jaurez that is from 83-88 based on the large Seymour Duncan logo on the baseplate, no MIA stamp and the small sticker that says 59B J on it. However it reads dead on the lead. I haven't checked the solder joints yet, but let's say I reflow the solder and...
  15. Roxy13

    Miss Merlin is 30

    One of my African Grey parrots, Miss Merlin, celebrates her 30th Hatchday today! She lost her eyesight sometime before I adopted her 9 years ago but it hasn't slowed her down at all. She does flips off her rope perch to the bottom of her cage, is active, loves toys and is an avid Ohio State...
  16. Roxy13

    Need some guidance on a finish repair

    The guitar is a poly finish, a Yamaha. This large "ding" is at the top of the lower bout, on the front of the guitar. It has a faux binding where the edge is just unstained and covered in clearcoat that is either slightly tinted or has aged. And that is also damaged where this accident...
  17. Roxy13

    Guess that beard

    If the guys can have broads then I can have beards, right?
  18. Roxy13

    How to identify the model on a MIM strat

    I'm working on a MIM strat for my neighbor. I believe it's a 2012 as the serial starts with MZ 102. But, I would like to get it a new bridge since the original is very, very rusty. And I see there are different bridges for these MIM strats and what I don't see are the specs of the bridges. So I...
  19. Roxy13

    What happened to my back?

    So ok, I'm having fun playing with my new chainsaw, cutting down trees and cutting them up. At any rate I bend down and pick up a firewood sized piece, so nothing heavy compared to all the stuff I had cleaned up and carried before it and BAM this excruciating pain hits the lower outside left...
  20. Roxy13

    Leveling beam for bass

    I could use a 24" leveling beam for basses and was wondering if I could use a piece of extruded aluminum hollow bar. I was thinking 1" by 2" and not sure if I should go with 0.0625" wall thickness or 0.125" wall thickness. As long as I got one long side completely flat and rounded all the edges...

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