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  1. Deftone

    Life is Good.

    Have great weekend ladies and gentlemen. Cheers!
  2. Deftone

    NGD 2014 Gibson Les Paul Standard Light

    Big fan of the thinner LP's and the price was right so I couldn't resist this one. Not really interested in EMG's (Zakk Wylde Limited Edition 81/85) but after a set up the guitar is sounding pretty good. I'll probably put some Burstbuckers in at some point. Supposedly only 45 of these in...
  3. Deftone

    Tool released Undertow 26 years ago today....
  4. Deftone

    What the hell are these?

    They were in the case that came with my '79 LPC. They're brass, knurled, a set screw in the side. About the same diameter as a penny. Seller has no idea what they are, he never noticed them. Wise cracks and stupid comments are encouraged.
  5. Deftone


    Been waiting all week for today. '79 Les Paul Custom en route. Tracking says "out for delivery, by end of day." UPS guy finally shows up and hands me a little Macy's box. "Uh, dude..... this 'aint mine." he checks the address. "It's addressed to you" Sure enough, it has my wife's name on it...
  6. Deftone

    Any suggestions for this head stock finish?

    Guitar arrives tomorrow. Will Naptha work on this?
  7. Deftone

    I like baby butt wipes......... Am I weird??

    XGF turned me on to the them, can't live w/o them now. I especially like the brand with aloe. Don't judge me.
  8. Deftone

    Mick Mars

    I've been on a Mick Mars kick since watching "The Dirt." I always liked his style and tone, a very underrated guitarist, IMHO. Excellent song writer and riff master. Found this entertaining... Really liking his modded strat as well.... Coincides nicely with my recent NGD '81 strat with a...
  9. Deftone

    NGD '79 Custom

    Looks rough, but apparently all original. Bought it off Reverb yesterday, maybe some of you saw it there. Should be shipping today.
  10. Deftone

    NGD '79-80 Strat

    Got the itch for a strat again recently. Listed as a '79 but more likely an '80 so I low balled the seller and got it. Modded with an OFR at some point but that's ok, I love OFR's.
  11. Deftone

    '67 SG jr., heavily modded and refinished

    Wanted to share this 1967 SG jr I just snagged off Reverb. Obviously freshly refinished and heavily modded, but it was by far the least expensive '67 jr. I've seen. 1967 is my birth year, so I thought it would be cool to find something from that year. The seller painted it Inverness Green...
  12. Deftone

    Ibanez S420

    Been wanting an Ibanez S series guitar for sometime now. Intrigued by the shape of the Mahogany body and I really like the look of the unfinished clear coat models. So I picked up an S420 off ebay for $235. Reviews were good so I figured I didn't have much to lose at that price. My plan is to...
  13. Deftone

    Wiring question

    LP Custom Lite with Floyd, two humbuckers, one volume, one tone, p'up selector switch and a coil tap switch . Some of the connections have broke loose and I am not sure how this configuration should be put back together....can anyone help? A diagram would be needed. Thank you!
  14. Deftone

    NGD: 2006 Gibson Flying V Faded

    Been searching for a Flying V for a while now...then I spotted this Faded on CL at a Pawn Shop...he was only asking $599. So I ripped down there and it was still there. He said a LOT of people were calling and coming in to look but no takers yet. Offered him $500 thinking he'd counter...
  15. Deftone

    Manilus Fat Diane's set

    Pics will follow....$100 + shipping for the pair
  16. Deftone

    just saw MLP's Jessenoah play tonight....

    ... in his Led Zep cover band "Houses of the Holy:" F*cking awesome. They nailed every tune. Watching the 20 something kids in front of us go from, "What is this...?" to "These guys are rockin!" is a true testament to how great Led Zep is and to how well H.O.H. covered them. Jesse didn't...
  17. Deftone

    Hang out with....?

    If you could hang out with anyone at all, past or present, dead or alive who would it be? My pop would be my first choice, but for the sake of keeping this thread interesting, let's say it's someone you don't know and that is famous, someone you admire. Who would you like to hang out for a...
  18. Deftone

    WTB Faded Flying V w/ broken headstock and no hardware

    You heard me right. PM me. :thumb:
  19. Deftone

    New McDonald's Chicken McWrap

    Maybe someone should have sounded it out before they gave it an official name. "I gotta go take a McWrap." Sounds delicious. :hmm:
  20. Deftone


    Last night the wife said she doesn't like "Misty Mountain Hop." That's grounds, right?