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    Gibson USA quality control

    I have noticed that Gibson USA quality control as taken a down turn in the last few years, I see many guitars leaving the Gibson factory with manufacturer flaws. In previous years Gibson would separate the guitars out with cosmetic flaws, mark them as seconds and sell them at a reduced price...
  2. jeff_farkas

    Final Inspection and Quality Control - PRS Amps

    YouTube - Final Inspection and Quality Control - PRS Amps
  3. dcmey

    Gibson Quality Control

    A number of people here have openly talked that Gibsons quality control isn't that good lately. My question is why and how to fix it. I have a VM studio and it plays fantastic I got a good one. Are people expecting a better guitar for the price your paying? Are the stores not setting the...
  4. Pink_Floyd

    Quality control

    Has anyone else noticed the lack of quality control with Les Paul models? I know some of you will be pretty peeved at me for mentioning this, but I am only stating what I see. For instance my first LP STD had to be sent back due to poor finish, and I am not talking niggly things. The nut...
  5. Freddy G

    Gibson Quality Control Rant

    I've had it. I had to say something. Gibson Quality Control.mpg - YouTube
  6. paruwi

    Henry Juszkiewicz: Gibson Quality Control Accusations "Fake News"

    Henry Juszkiewicz: Gibson Quality Control Accusations "Fake News" "Our quality today is better than it’s ever been, which is not to say that we’re perfect." Jackson Maxwell 3 hours ago Gibson CEO Henry Juszkiewicz recently sat down for an interview with our friends at Guitarist...
  7. captainbraindamage

    MIM Quality Control

    I got my kids' H.S. graduation present for her today, a brown sunburst tele. I must say after going over it from top to bottom, I am impressed with the quality. I couldn't find any kind of flaw, no sharp frets, nothin. Wish I could say the same thing about the MIC LPs I have gotten.
  8. Skintaster

    Quality Control Questions

    Hi everyone. I know Gibson has gotten a reputation for iffy quality control issues over the last few years. Do y'all think this is a deserved reputation, or has it been blown out of proportion? Also, if QC has been a problem, why do you think that's the case? Are market demands making them...
  9. outlawten5

    Gibson quality

    I'm no judge as I only recently purchased my first Gibson. Although I have heard the talk of hit or miss quality control from the factory. For you seasoned Gibson owners do you think quality has improved with the regime change? BTW my 2019 Les Paul Classic was flawless.
  10. B

    Gibson Quality Control Across Les Paul Ranges

    ...wood quality, which I understand is largely a cosmetic issue? I also heard rumours that the "higher" range Les Pauls have "better" quality control, which means that the quality is more "consistent". Is this true? If so, how do the consistency compare between say Studios and Classics? I am...
  11. Lurko

    Time to put up or shut up, Gibson quality bashers!

    So you think you have what it takes to improve Gibson's QC? Prove it: Gibson Careers: Quality Control Inspector - Nashville, TN :cool:
  12. glorioso

    Another bad nut and poor quality control from Gibson

    ...and it has a bad nut. This is the 2nd LP I have gotten with a bad nut in 2 years. The pics below are the nuts of my Trad Pro (which I had to have replaced), Trad Bigsby and the brand new CC. The high E is about to fall off the neck. What's wrong with Gibson!? Why is quality control so...
  13. SoCal Flood

    Quality Control Issues with 2018 LPs?

    ...I was in my local GC to check out the 2018s and an employee there shared with me that they've been finding the 2018s are having quality control issues. Said it was reminiscent of 2015 or worse and has made it hard to sell the new LPs right now. If that's true it's really a shame because my...
  14. jaycoyoyo

    Quality Control...

    My new TRC arrived today I know it's a cheap accessory, probably made in China, but seriously SMH
  15. A

    Gibson Quality Conrtol Your turn to have a say

    What do you think about gibson's quailty control these days Now is you time to have a say i have a poll over on the gibson site. i was wondering what you guys might think about gibsons quailty control. if you like go over and take the poll. thanks Gibson Quality Conrtol Your turn to have a say...
  16. M

    Control Plate for LP Jr. Special DC

    Hey there, after I received my LP Jr. Special with Doublecut (Japan Limited) I definitely have to put a new control plate on. Gibsons quality control showed their worst side again and let this one go out with a control plate that is too small so you can see into the cavity. Also one of the...
  17. H

    Who is in charge of Gibson quality control?

    ...made guitars, Gibson have way more misses than hits. Its especially sadder when you consider how much they charge for them. Their quality control today is nowhere near what it was like 20 years ago. Who exactly is in charge? Surely they read all the complaints from fans on other forums who...
  18. MikeyTheCat

    Collings quality control issues!

    My goodness where to begin? For you Olds!
  19. dennistruckdriver

    Quality control issues? Here's the guy.....

    For those of you (as I have noted, there are many, including myself) who have gripes about the quality of your new Les Pauls, here is the e-mail address of the guy who responded to my recent communication with Gibson about the problems with my new Les Paul Antique Classic H-90. (He wasn't...
  20. edselman

    New Information About Gibson's Lack of Quality Control

    I have some new information about Gibson’s lack of quality control. Yesterday I ordered a particular Gibson Les Paul from Sweetwater that was currently out of stock. The online listing noted that, “More are on the way,” and indicated that I could reserve mine now. So, I pulled the trigger. Today...

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