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  1. LP1865

    WD-40 on potentiometers

    The crux of it:- I read about it, sprayed some on old scratchy pots on my guitar. Went to play it a couple of hours later, neck pickup not working, not response from tone knobs, bridge volume acting weird, no volume change from 0-5. The volume pots are audio taper pots while the tones are old...
  2. LP1865

    Sub $300 guitars vs Kit?

    Title says it all. I started a thread earlier about purchasing a guitar kit, and I was told it would be better if I just bought a new guitar. Thoughts?
  3. LP1865

    How should I go about this?

    I've always wanted to make a kit guitar, and looking for some, I found Pitbull guitars, located in Australia. Reasonably priced, cheap shipping, and the ability to customise kits. I saw some of their kits, and had a couple of mods I wanted made to a Floyd Rose Superstrat kit they were selling...
  4. LP1865

    Whats the deal with PRS guitars?

    I mean, they look awesome, sound awesome. Why do people not like them? I'm no trolling, but I am considering a PRS SE
  5. LP1865

    Metallica get a taste of their own medicine

    They probably kinda deserve it after Napster
  6. LP1865

    Live Albums

    Whats your opinion on live albums? I was just listening to the new DIO live album, it sounds fantastic. These are truly a blessing. Lets you hear great concerts, and figure out new solos to cool songs
  7. LP1865

    Was I banned?

    Hi!! When trying to access the site, I cannot for some reason. The message is as follows:- Error 1020 Ray ID: 61bd901d7a50c011 • 2021-02-03 16:35:03 UTCAccess denied What happened? This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. Was I banned? Or is it something...
  8. LP1865

    Magnet Stuck to bobbins

    Hey Guys! Opened up my old Epiphone HOTCH pickup to swap out the A5 mag for an A3. Took me an hour to dewax the whole thing, and when I could reach the magnet, it wouldn't come out. I removed more wax, and it still didn't come out. I then completely removed the baseplate screws, and lifted the...
  9. LP1865

    Body Blank Size

    Hey Guys!! I'll keep it short simple. My grandpa's getting a house built, and hence he is buying woods in bulk. He's buying a lot of rosewood for furniture, and seeing how much I love guitar, he asked me if I would like some nice pieces of it for guitar builds, that is if i ever start building...
  10. LP1865

    5 watt tube amp question.

    So one of my guitar buddies went to the local guitar store today, and played this really small amp. Handwired right here in India, has a built in load box and an attenuator. Seems like a great recording and practice amp, but my friend...
  11. LP1865

    #2 Klon Centaur up for sale Thanks to @bildozr for bringing this up. He's talked about it hundreds of times, I just don't understand why he's selling it
  12. LP1865

    F**king Finally

    Been waiting for this for months
  13. LP1865

    This buzzing is killing me

    Theres this weird buzzing going on whenever I play and record with my interface. Any suggestions on how to get rid of it?
  14. LP1865

    Weird Buzzing

    Hi Guys! Picked up some weird buzzing issues on my guitar. Its there while playing, but eventually stops. Any help would be appreciated. I cant seem to upload the audio file. Lemme see if I can Google Drive link it
  15. LP1865

    In-Depth Tonerider Rocksong Review

    I bought a set of these in late August after a lot of speculation and research. They appeared to be priced very conveniently, and the reviews were overall. However, I found the lack of in depth review of this particular model very frustating, and am hence writing one myself after using these...
  16. LP1865

    Gifts for Guitarists

    Hey My guitar buddies and I are doing a Secret Santa kinda thing this year. What would you guys suggest is a quality and cool gift for a maximum of $70?
  17. LP1865

    Fade to Black Lead Tone

    Anyone know how to get this tone? Seems like kirk is using a wah or something, I can't figure out what. Any help would be appreciated
  18. LP1865

    The Very Best Way to Relic your Les Paul

  19. LP1865

    Wiring Help!!!!

    Hi Guys! I opened up my Epiphone to do a partial coil split and add a push pull pot for neck out of phase. It looks like hell in there, and according to the wiring diagrams on Tonerider, its done wrong. Should I rewire the whole thing, or just make changes. Here are some pics
  20. LP1865

    What did they do?

    I sent my Lester to the store for a pickup installation and a couple of push-pull mods. They called me and told me only coil split was possible (no out of phase and series/parallel for some reason, even with 4 conductor wiring and push pull pots.) I agreed, tho I was a little let down I still...

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