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  1. joba

    2020 Lemon burst R8 pics

    One of a kind striking top. Thats a special one!
  2. joba

    27 year old son , no job for 7 months now, hardly leaves his room playing video games

    Extremely difficult to judge from afar . Its hard enough to help someone when you live with them daily. Most positive life habits and disciplines are usually formed at a very young age. I don't know his history from a young child. Hard to flip a switch at twenty seven. Hope your family gets all...
  3. joba

    For those with multiple Les Paul Reissues, Do you have a #1?

    I felt like a jerk twice for clicking on this.
  4. joba

    Amp Suggestions...

    Have a hardwired 64. Keep the volume at 3 , with pedals it will break up fine. You can't make that amp sound bad
  5. joba

    Amp Suggestions...

    I have a Princeton give this a listen ... Marshall one side /tube screamer other . stackable very versatile
  6. joba

    NGD. Murphy Wildwood Limited Edition

    What an Incredible collection. My only question is how do you decide which one to play?
  7. joba

    It’s finally here !

    Id respect that if the bottom had high heels on!
  8. joba

    Will Custom Shop finishes age just like their Vintage counterparts?

    I would imagine today guitars are shipped constantly all over the world from one extreme climate to another. You would have a lot of new guitars being delivered all checked up . Like it or not.
  9. joba

    Perfectionism with my guitar collection drives me crazy

    Same reason I keep my wife in the closet.
  10. joba

    PRS McCarty 594 HB 2 - demo

    Enjoyed your playing. Beautiful guitar. PRS should pay you.
  11. joba


    Welcome, You will learn a lot and be entertained even more.
  12. joba

    Ever flip your car over?

    Quarter turn ,Dam those doors are heavy when you're climbing out the top. Very scary. Youth and stupidity . I drive like an old lady now.
  13. joba

    Whats the deal with PRS guitars?

    Got this Special 22 Semi hollow about two months ago. I cant put it down. The neck is shaped great , super light. So many different tones available. Craftsmanship is beautiful.
  14. joba

    How many guitars to get to your #1

    I guess # 1 to all of us may differ according to what type of musician you are. I am just playing for ten years and only play at home. Thats a big difference compared to people who play out with a lot more experience. I have gone through quite a few guitars. Every purchase I make has the...
  15. joba

    String Brands....

    Years ago went through a stage of trying different brands and sizes. I was changing more strings than Bonamassa's tech. Settled in on pyramids pure nickel hand wound maximum performance 9-46. Elixirs on the acoustics.
  16. joba

    These Murphy ultra aged roasted mahogany R9's are getting out of hand.

    Watch GIBSON gets a Idea. Next 2022 NAMM Collectors Choice #99 BURNT BURST $11,000.
  17. joba

    Secrets of a Vintage 1959 Gibson Les Paul

    This detail description of a Burst is above my pay grade. Found it interesting and informative if accurate . Hope it wasn't posted before.
  18. joba

    American social dynamics kinda suck...

    For all the young single guys out there its the most important decision of your life. I cant think of anything else that will determine your future happiness more than who you chose for a wife.
  19. joba


    Great looking guitar!

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