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  1. Diocletian

    Another PCB thread, sorry. Neuters my guitar?

    I did do a search and clicked on a couple of links that looked as if they might address this but I just got an error saying the page wasn't found. Anyway, I now have 3 SG Standards, Gibsons. 2016, 2005 and 1999. All three had the same pickup config in them with the 498T/490R. Only the 2016 has...
  2. Diocletian

    Cherry SG Standard with WHITE pickguard? Anyone done it?

    Googling brings up pretty much nothing for this. I have two cherry Standards now and it seems like modding one (the darker coloured) with a white pickguard would work really well. I bought a white pickguard from Allparts but it didn't fit ANY of my SGs (1999, 2005, 2016) so I'd need to get one...
  3. Diocletian

    NGD and Les Paul signature worn off?

    I got this two or three weeks ago - thanks to Paruwi for confirming its legitimacy! I only paid £130 for it which, to my mind is an absolute bargain. 2000, Korean made, really lovely top. I had a similar Chinese one of these with a darker top and sold it not long after buying it. This one I...
  4. Diocletian

    Why am I being sent spam emails by this forum?

    "10% off From Antique Electronic Supply" Why are the admin of this forum emailing me with spam emails promoting some outside company? I got the same spam email from the Marshall forum too. What's it all about?
  5. Diocletian

    Sun bleaching a faded LP

    I have a nice cherry Faded Studio LP. I really like the guitar, and under lights it looks really nice - but most of the time, it looks too dark, so you cant see how nice the top on it is. It almost looks black its so dark unless theres light shining on it. I just wondered, I keep some of my...
  6. Diocletian

    Tokai LS80 (or 60?) trade for my RR5?

    I am thinking about trading my Jackson RR5 (Duncan and DiMarzio pickups in it), with hard case. I have been tentatively offered an old (1984 apparently) Tokai LS 80 (or it might be a 60 the guy doesnt seem too sure) as a trade. He says he loves the guitar so isnt sure about trading (I already...
  7. Diocletian

    96 Korean Black Beauty song

    SoundClick artist: March Of Alaric - Heavy metal and hard rock, also influenced by death or black metal and folk like Fairport Convention Take a listen and please comment. I recorded the rythm guitars with my 1996 Epi Black Beauty, with Seymour Duncan pickups. (the solo was my Jackson...
  8. Diocletian

    Can you put a Nashville bridge on an Epi?

    I'm going to need to replace the bridge and tailpiece on the Black Beauty in my avatar at some point (the old ones are tarnishing pretty bad and look like crap, they were cheap and haven't lasted very well). I would rather put in a Nashville style bridge - I have one on my Gibson Faded Les...
  9. Diocletian

    Choking and stuff? Help!

    I got a really cheap BC Rich Warlock in a trade recently. I really like it, funnily enough, it feels great and sounds good too since I changed the pickups. But it has a couple of issues I can't solve so wanted to ask you experts, since I don't want to have to PAY to fix it since it would cost...
  10. Diocletian

    Epiphone featured in pop band's video

    Okay, I call it pop, because it's fairly popular but I'm actually talking about the black metal band Immortal. :fingersx: The guitar player is rocking what appears to be an Epi Explorer. It looks like a real POS to me, but it says Epiphone on the headstock and he's used it in more videos...
  11. Diocletian

    Free album and an EP download. Good bands too!

    FREE ANNIHILATOR ALBUM FROM EARACHE RECORDS Annihilator and Enslaved – The Sleeping Gods (EP) Enslaved
  12. Diocletian

    Singers! Vocal help needed.

    I have a new band, but we don't have a singer, so me and one of the other guys are trying to sing just now until we find one. I used to do the backing vocals in my last band and it was fine, but trying to sing lead on something like "Symphony of Destruction" or "Sweet Child O Mine" seems to be...
  13. Diocletian

    Jeff Waters Epi sig, guitar clinic

    No, it's not an LP but I wanted to share. I saw Jeff (from Annihilator, shame on you if you didn't know) last night doing a guitar clinic in Glasgow to promote his Epiphone Flying V sig model. Sweet looking guitar, I wouldn't pay £500 for any Epiphone, but that's just me and by the by (anyone...
  14. Diocletian

    Double cut LPs with F holes?

    When I saw Jethro Tull last year Martin Barre was playing a really nice Gibson. It looked to me like a smaller 335, but it was a lot smaller. Like LP size. I originally wondered if it was a 339 (I don't know anything about semi-hollow guitars, being predominantly a metal fan) but I've seen some...
  15. Diocletian

    Velvet Revolver "Slither" cover

    My band plans on covering this, and we had a call of for rehearsal last week so I spent my Sunday doing the music for this. I did everything on it, my drumming's not great as I'm a beginner and it's a really, really cheap electronic kit I have, but it does a job. We had another missed rehearsal...
  16. Diocletian

    Amber top hats with WHITE printing?

    Anyone know where (in the UK preferably) I can get 4 amber top hat knobs with white numbers for my LP Studio? All the sets I see for sale (ebay, axesrus, allparts) have dark printing for the numbers, and I had a set like that but couldn't read them in the dark rehearsal room! :shock:
  17. Diocletian

    Ibanez S370DX

    I've been offered one of these as a trade for my Epiphone Les Paul Standard. I can't find very much info on them, does anyone have one? I know the DX model has extra features like neck and headstock binding which I like. The look pretty cool, although I already have a Jackson JDR-94 and an...
  18. Diocletian

    My Black Beauty on ebay?

    Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty Three on eBay (end time 05-Jan-11 14:38:16 GMT) That's MY photo, of MY guitar. You can see it in my avatar. But I'm not selling my guitar. I'm assuming this guy - too lazy to take a photo of his own - just looked on the net for a picture of some random...
  19. Diocletian

    Got an LP100? Want block inlays? Fretboard stickers!

    I remember someone on the Jackson forum talking about these. They are really cheap (like £5 I think they were), so thought I'd have a go with them on my Slammer Series Sunburst. They didn't look too promising in the packet, I wasn't too impressed. But they went on easy, know, I'm...
  20. Diocletian

    Which bushes/reducers for LP Standard?

    I'm thinking of getting a set of Wilkinson tulip style tuners but I don't know which size bushes to get with them? Either 8.6mm bushes or 10.5mm reducers? I'm thinking I can put the Wilkinsons on my LP, and put the Grovers from that onto my Korean Hamer Sunburst.

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