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  1. Victek

    Epiphone Genesis Pro

    A used Epi Genesis Pro recently became available in my area. It's in great condition and I'm intrigued by the look. Lots of info in the wiki: Can anyone offer a personal review?
  2. Victek

    J Rockett Audio Designs WTF Fuzz Guitar Pedal

    I learned about the J Rockett WTF Fuzz Guitar Pedal in an email from American Music Supply. I'm generally not interested in fuzz pedals but was intrigued by the visual design, so listened to a couple of Youtube demos. Unlike a fuzz pedal I had once that sounded like a kazoo this pedal has a...
  3. Victek

    NPD TC Electronic Dark Matter

    I picked up a TCE Dark Matter yesterday and thought I'd share first impressions, and pictures of course :) The pedal has a nice weight and the foot switch feels solid. The back can be easily removed with a coin to gain access to the battery compartment which is isolated from the electronics...
  4. Victek

    Looking for some chearp dirt

    OK, so I've decided to amuse myself with another inexpensive dirt pedal. I was looking at the offerings from Joyo and Caline, and then I came across the TC Electronic MojoMojo and Dark Matter pedals. I was surprised at the $50 (US) price point since I think of TCE as making higher end gear...
  5. Victek

    It looks like a PRS, but I'm not sure

    I'm Tore Down - 6/9/15 Les Paul Celebration OK, the player who starts out on the far left has a blond, single cut, semi hollow guitar with what looks like a PRS headstock. You can see it more clearly around the 3:10 mark when he's playing a solo...
  6. Victek

    Guitar/USB/PC Interface Device

    I haven't seen any recent discussions about good entry level Guitar/USB/PC boxes so wanted to get current opinions. I want to be able to plug the 1/4 jack at the end of my pedal chain (guitar/OD/reverb/etc) directly into the box and connect the box to the PC via USB (is USB 3.0 support...
  7. Victek

    Mockingbird STQ NGD

    I received this Mockingbird STQ from zzounds yesterday and my first impressions are very good. It's beautiful to look at - flawless finish - and in perfect working order. It came with D'addario XL strings - I'm guessing 10s - which I changed out for Super Slinky 9s. Intonation and saddle...
  8. Victek

    BC Rich Mockingbird STQ Electric Guitar

    I like the natural walnut finish and the hard-tail bridge of this Mockingbird model. Is anyone familiar with the Duncan designed HB103 pickups? Has anyone dealt with American Musical Supply?
  9. Victek

    BC Rich Pro X Custom X3

    Is anyone familiar with this guitar? B.C. Rich Pro X Custom Special X3 Mockingbird Electric Guitar | GuitarCenter It is regularly put on sale at MF for the same $400. Of course that's just numbers and I'm wondering what people here think about them, especially what the necks are like. This...
  10. Victek

    PRS SE Custom 22 questions

    I'm looking at a couple of used PRS SE Customs. They're double cutaway with 22 frets, uncovered zebra humbuckers, wrap-around tailpiece and dot (not bird) inlays. My question is what type of neck do they have? Are they what PRS calls "wide fat" or "wide thin"? Thanks in advance for info and...
  11. Victek

    Hardwire CM-2 NPD

    I picked up a Digitech Hardwire CM-2 last week (MF Stupid Deal :)) and my first impression is very positive. Same study case design as the Bad Monkey but a little bigger. It also comes with a rubber bumper that fits over the knobs (to prevent accidentally changing the settings with your foot)...
  12. Victek

    Hardwire CM2 is the Stupid Deal @ Musicians Friend

    I thought folks might like a heads up that the Musicians Friend Stupid Deal of the Day (10-28-2014) is the Digitech Hardwire CM-2 Tube Overdrive, selling for $50.00 USD :thumb:
  13. Victek

    What kind of guitar is this?

    I saw a guitar tonight from a distance. A band was setting up in a club and I saw it from the street. It had a telecaster semi hollowbody with what looked like a Gibson headstock with side by side tuners. Does this sound like a completely custom rig or are these generally available/what are...
  14. Victek

    Need suggestions for a Solid State Amp

    I currently have a Mustang 2 40w modeling amp. I like the fact that it's light and has more than enough volume for my needs, but I don't like most of the models and the complexity of dialing things in. I'd like to find essentially the same amp without the digital models - something like a...
  15. Victek

    NGD - Epiphone Casino Coupe review & pics

    I picked up my Casino Coupe a couple of days ago. What with my day job, etc, I only got around to removing the stickers, changing the strings and taking pictures.
  16. Victek

    Real time music collaboration over the internet

    My wife recently tried using Skype for vocal practice with someone in her chorus and discovered it doesn't work. The combination of latency and what seemed like single-duplex operation made it useless. Can you recommend VOIP service that makes real time music collaboration possible over the...
  17. Victek

    B.C. Rich Pro X Custom Special X3 Mockingbird

    This BC Rich Mockingbird was on super sale all through the holidays and now again as the Stupid Deal of the Day. Here's the normal link: Here's the deal link: Stupid Deal of the Day | SDOTD...
  18. Victek

    Epi Dot strap button

    Does anyone know if it's safe to put a strap button in the upper horn of a Dot to improve the balance? If not any suggestions? I have some "neck dive" using the standard button on the back at the base of the neck.
  19. Victek

    ModTone High Gainer

    Checkout the ModTone High Gainer ModTone High Gainer Distortion Pedal - YouTube which also happens to be the "Stupid Deal of The Day" at Musician's Friend Stupid Deal of the Day | SDOTD | Musician's Friend If gain is your thing this one is through the roof - actually has 11 on the knobs...
  20. Victek

    B.C. Rich Pro X Custom Mockingbird Electric Guitar Gloss Black

    This is the stupid deal of the day. I love the look of these guitars. If this was a hard tail I might not be able to control myself. Floyd Rose trem lovers have no defense at all :D Stupid Deal of the Day | SDOTD | Musician's Friend

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