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    1977 Les Paul Custom

    For sale is my 77 Les Paul Custom, it is a players guitar, has some back rash, and a few scratches and dings as a guitar from 1977 should. no neck breaks, pick ups are original, electronics that are in it is RS Guitar Works modern kit, but i have all the original stuff. I'm asking for $3k, if...
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    FS: 2000 Gibson R9....

    I need to sell my 2000 Gibson R9, $3000 firm. Any questions please e-mail me at [email protected] buyer pays shipping, we can use paypal, buyer pay fee's..comes with Black Custom/Historic case.It has SD '59's in the neck and bridge and a RS Guitarworks modern pre-wire kit installed. NO...
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    So i got a new RS Guitarworks pre-wired set and a set of SD 59's, so i wire it all togther, and the neck pu is great, works fine.... but the bridge, it has NO power, barely any output, and when i turn the pot up full to 10 it totally cuts off....i re-soldered the bridge pu (ground and hot) after...
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    My Band Live...

    ok...well my old band live
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    Amp Pics?

    is there already a thread for amp pics?
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    Help with pick up install!

    so installed my old 57's back into my R9. I also used an RS kit, it uses 250k pots on the tone. This is what was recommended and the over all tone is cool, the only problem is i lost a good portion of gain. I dont have any humming or anything both pickups seem to work great, i just lost gain. i...
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    Peavey Classic 30 Owners

    What tubes you using? Pre and Power...i gotta retube one for a friend soon, so advice would be great. Thanks.
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    Hey You Marshall Jubilee Guys!

    So im interested in getting the famed Jubilee...what should i expect to pay for a Head. Where's a good place to start looking for one?:slash:
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    R9 in the California S!un

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    Bad Parenting?

    So i wonder if im starting my oldest son to early for a life of rock-n-roll.:slash:
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    How do i know what pick ups i have in my R9?

    I bought my R9 used and using the serial # on it when checked says it should have '57's in it...but they really sound un-wax potted like theyre B/buckers. is there any way to know what the pickups are without the packaging? should they fall in a certian range on a volt meter? any help would be...
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    I need help with info on my R9 please!

    So i bought this guitar used at GC about a year and a half ago...but id like to know what year and stuff it was made..The serial # check doesnt work for these guitars...Keeps telling me its a real 1959, any help would be cool! Thanks!
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    Hi im new and this is my R9!

    Hi im Dan...ive been checking the site out for awhile, and finally joined. Heres my R9, and my other Gibsons My Gibson R9 R9 Body Shot My 1979 Gibson Les Paul Custom My 2003 Gibson '61 RI SG My 1998 Gibson Sg Standard

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