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  1. wierzbowski

    Epiphone Casino 1962, real deal classic

    For sale is an Epiphone Casino E230TDV in faded Royal Tan. Made in 1962 the second year of production, this classic thinline hollowbody is in very good condition with transitional appointments including square headstock with pearl inlay logo, Brazilian rosewood fretboard with trapezoid inlays...
  2. wierzbowski

    NO LONGER FOR SALE 1962 Epiphone Casino

    For sale is an older Epiphone Casino E230TDV in faded Royal Tan. Made in 1962 the second year of production, this classic thinline hollowbody is in very good condition with a unique set of appointments including square headstock with pearl inlay logo, Brazilian rosewood fretboard with trapezoid...
  3. wierzbowski

    For sale: Vintage Spec Maple Tele Neck

    Selling my very lightly used Warmoth vintage style maple Telecaster neck. 6230 frets, 7.25" radius, big V profile almost .900" thick at the 1st fret that tapers to a very comfortable C shape around the 7th fret. Finished in Tru-Oil with very light wear on the upper board, almost imperceptible...
  4. wierzbowski

    For sale: 1966 Epiphone Olympic 2 Pickup

    Selling my used but not abused mid 60s Epiphone Olympic. Really resonant one piece slab body guitar with a Brazilian fretboard. No breaks, cracks, repairs, structural, or functional issues. Worn Cherry Red finish with some scrapes, dings, and checking. The strap button was on the heel of the...
  5. wierzbowski

    Painted binding

    I have a LP Studio that I stripped and refinished a couple of years ago. I ended up painting it gold and got some help from the guys at RS Guitarworks doing the final polish. It plays great but Im not in love with the exposed edge of the maple cap. Im thinking of painting on a cream stripe along...
  6. wierzbowski

    WTT: Pedals for Bass neck

    I just procured a good bass body without a neck and I need one to start playing. Looking for a complete, good quality Fender style neck from Fender/Warmoth/USASCG/Musikraft. I have a few pedals for trade. All are in great shape, with minimal wear or scuffs except where noted: JHS Superbolt...
  7. wierzbowski

    MJT Aged Blonde Tele Body, 1 Piece Swamp Ash

    For sale is a very nice aged blonde swamp ash Telecaster style body by MJT. Mark Jenny always does a great job and this is one of the nicer Teles I've ever played. Tasteful relic work, including wear on the edges and buckle rash on the back. Vintage four screw bridge footprint and routed for a...
  8. wierzbowski

    FA: DAM Meathead, early Psych version

    For auction is an early model of the D*A*M Meathead fuzz, handmade by the Captain himself! Low serial number, no issues D A M Meathead Psychedelic Numbered Low Serial Original Custom Fuzz Pedal D A M | eBay
  9. wierzbowski

    FSOT: Set of Duncan Phat Cats

    Im looking to acquire a set of 57 classics or a Super Distortion/Dual Sound and a PAF-ish neck humbucker. These pickups are gently used and have chrome covers. Would prefer to trade the set for a set. Otherwise, will sell for $105 PP and shipped
  10. wierzbowski

    Wanted: Pickguard bolt and nut

    I've lost the short bolt and square nut that mounts my pickguard to the bracket. Anyone have one to sell?
  11. wierzbowski

    Strap buttons

    I'm looking for a pair of strap buttons for my LP, preferably not gold. My shop in town doesn't have any and I didn't want to pay crazy shipping. Thanks
  12. wierzbowski

    WTB: Tele hardware and pickguard

    Im looking to complete a Tele project and I need the following: 1. string ferrules 2. strap buttons 3. control plate 4. a black single ply guard, preferably bakelite Let me know what you have. Thanks
  13. wierzbowski

    Warmoth Thinline Tele body with Pickguard

    For sale is a lightly used Warmoth Thinline tele body. Made of swamp ash and finished in vintage white. It was professionally assembled and includes the strap buttons, string ferrules, and ground wire, along with a Warmoth tortoiseshell pickguard and screws. There are some small chips in the...
  14. wierzbowski

    Whirlwind Orange Box Phaser

    For sale is a like new Whirlwind Orange Box phaser pedal. Barely touched since it came from the factory. This phaser is an updated version of the original script logo MXR Phase 90, but with true bypass and a 9v AC input. Winner of several phaser shootouts against other competitors like the 74...
  15. wierzbowski

    Gotoh Aluminum Tailpiece or Wraparound Bridge

    Very lightly used, no issues, can be used as a wraparound bridge as well and comes with Allen key for adjusting intonation. $22 PP/shipped in lower 48
  16. wierzbowski

    Wanted: Pickup ring screws

    Im looking for some black pickup ring mounting screws to complete my guitar. I believe the size is #2, 3/4" long. I need 4 screws and I can't find any in my town, even with a different finish. Im happy to pay, I just want to complete my guitar! Thanks
  17. wierzbowski

    New Refin Day

    So after a year, give or take, I finally finished my LP Studio refin. I had asked for opinions in another thread and settled on a goldtop. The guitar was poorly cared for, and I really didnt like the way it was set-up, looked, or sounded. Fortunately there were no major structural issues and it...
  18. wierzbowski

    Chrome Sperzel TrimLok Locking Tuners

    For sale is a set of barely used Sperzel locking tuners. Purchased for a project that never got out of the hangar. These are the nicer (to my eyes) chrome tuners, not the regular satin. No issues or defects. Asking $55 shipped in the lower 48. Add a few bucks for elsewhere and 3.5% for...
  19. wierzbowski

    New Tuning Head Suggestions

    Im looking to replace the tuners on my LP. The original owner replaced the stock tuners with Sperzels and Im looking for lighter, simpler hardware. I was going to get some Schallers but I wondered if anyone had tried the Hipshot open-back tuners. They might be cool if I replaced the buttons. Any...
  20. wierzbowski

    Wanted: Control Cover and Poker Chip

    Need a control plate and a cream/white poker chip for my LP. Im not that picky about authenticity or condition, just so long as they do the job and dont cost too much. Thanks in advance

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