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    Helping my friend own his first Les Paul.. result !!

    My good friend decided this year to own a Les Paul, the choices are many and he originally had an eye for a Classic in Honeyburst. After a bit of chat and actually finding not too many of these about in the UK , we upped the game and looked at Standard 60s in Unburst finish. Again not a huge...
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    Gibson part numbers , any lists available

    Hi I've been doing a few mods, repairs and tweaks on my Les Pauls ( Historic and Custom) SG and 335 Each time I search online for a part, eg pickup ring, bridge saddle or potentiometer I feel it would be a lot easier if there was an inventory of part nos that I could use to type in a part no. in...
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    Wanted 489T and '57 Classic +. UK , Europe

    Hi Looking to replace my bridge pickup with either a good ol 498T or a hottish ( min 8.4k ) '57 Classic+ Not fussed about covers but would prefer good condn 2 conductor wiring with reasonable length cable. Post or pm me, anything considered, pics of pickups and meter readings essential. Aged...
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    Framptonising my Custom, what colour surrounds

    Just for fun I'm putting white/cream surrounds , gold speed knobs and cream toggle surround to give my Custom the Frampton vibe. Bought set of ( admittedly cheap) cream surrounds and they look wrong. On the reissue under closer inspection the pickup surrounds look whiter than the binding and...
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    Pickup DC resistance difference

    Hi I know that you can't really predict the sound of the pickup just by DC resistance but my neck PU measures 8.14K and the bridge 7.88K ( both Classic 57s ) and I do find the bridge PU a bit bright. Do you think it would be reasonable to assume if I swapped them around that the higher DC valued...

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