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  1. gtrmaker

    Wire Channel in Neck Pickup Route

    OK, if the factory used templates for routing, why would there be such a large difference in the intersection of the wiring channel with the neck pickup route in these 2 photos? (Upper is 8_6342 and lower is 9_5246):
  2. gtrmaker

    Fingerboard Gluing Plane

    Do you think that in the 50's Gibson: 1) Glued the neck in with the fingerboard already on? or 2) Glued the neck in, trued or sanded the fingerboard gluing surface/plane and then glued the fingerboard on?
  3. gtrmaker

    Why Doesn't America Do Vintage The Best?

    I've often wondered why most of the best vintage related material doesn't come from America where most of the instruments reside? For example: 1) The best 'burst book comes from Japan (I don't know where the 'Burst Gang book was from?) 2) The best Fender Blackguard book comes from Spain (NOT...
  4. gtrmaker

    How Thick Was The 50's Gibson MOP Logo

    There seems to be a few people out there doing early vintage LP conversions and I'm interested to know how thick the 50's Gibson logo is once you've removed it from the holly overlay so that you can relocate it. I'm sure someone has measured some or maybe even has a logo out of a guitar right...
  5. gtrmaker

    50s LP control cavity angle

    I would like to know on a late 50's LP what is the angle of the mahogany cavity wall that is routed flat as measured from the mahogany back surface of the guitar? Also, what is the depth at that deepest point? from the mahogany to the maple?
  6. gtrmaker

    Pickup Angle Revisited

    Hi, I know there are a number of threads referring to the neck and pickup planes. And Catto has a nice drawing to clarify these 2 things. However, I've searched and could not find an answer to this question. Catto specifies the main neck pickup route as being 1.097" deep front and back which...

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