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  1. MW110

    Throbak ´70 / Select T-Top pickup set - Solodallas

    For sale here a set of awesome Throbak pickups. Played and naturally aged. Price is 359€. Please ask fo best shipping rates. The covers are optional and will cost 40€ extra. '70/SELECT, T-Top Replica Guitar Pickup specs.: Neck 7.6K, Bridge 7.8K, short A2 magnets. ThroBak '70/Select pickups were...
  2. MW110

    More Paul...?

    What do you think? Hot or not?
  3. MW110

    Most underrated LP player!

    IMHO there is no person that is more „the most underrated guitar player“ than Jim McCarty. The former Cactus member should be on one level with Jimmy Page, but definitely isn’t. Here is a piece that shows his skills on a Les Paul. Btw...I am looking desperately for a copy of „Cactus - fully...
  4. MW110

    GIBSON Paul Kossoff 1959 Les Paul Standard, Murphy Aged 2012 Murphy aged burst

    For sale! Selling here one of the rarest and greatest LP guitars on this planet. Gibson Paul Kossoff 1959 Les Paul, Murphy Aged, Number #26 of only 100 made worldwide. Collectors condition, all original, perfect set up. All case candy that came new included. This guitar sounds, looks and...
  5. MW110

    Gibson True Historic 1960 Les Paul Standard (2015) 2015 Vintage Lemon Burst

    Maximum Les Paul!!! In the True Historic series, the Gibson company built the guitars to the very last detail exactly as the legendary Les Pauls were built in the late 50s. Choice of wood, nitro varnish, glue, neck tension trussrod, pickups, hardware, dimensions, weight, all specs, etc. are the...
  6. MW110

    Deus ex machina Led Zepp

    Here is a new live concert of the best Rockband ever. More than 3 hours masterpiece of a '59 bust user! If you listen thoroughly, you will find many, many highlights! Have fun...

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