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  1. Max Max

    Forum's input on choosing First Les Paul

    I would choose the 2008 Les Paul Standard, through the process of elimination. If you're used to playing super strats, that LP Traditional neck is going to feel like a tree trunk to you. As for the 120th Anniversary, I think if you play high gain rock and metal(like I do), you'll be disappointed...
  2. Max Max

    when you think P90 ...

    Tonni Iommi. On all those old Sabbath albums, he had P-90s in those SGs. A lot of people don't know that.
  3. Max Max

    Your favourite "cheap" LP copy?

    I guess you're right, a quick search on reverb has those "inspired by Gibson" Epiphones, used for $500-$600.
  4. Max Max

    Your favourite "cheap" LP copy?

    Correct me if I'm wrong but Tokais and the "inspired by Gibson" Epis don't really fall into the category of "cheap" LP copies, do they? For the price of a new "inspired by Gibson" Epi, you could get a used Gibson Studio or Tribute.
  5. Max Max

    Show some of your Marshall Amps(stock or modded or Clones)

    I have a DSL15H and Valvestate AVT-50. I don't have a picture(that I took) of my Valvestate but mine is in mint condition and looks exactly like the one in this picture.
  6. Max Max

    What do you think is the best Marshall amp ever made?

    Really depends on the style of music. The JCM-800 is the sound of 80s thrash metal, which I love. It doesn't appeal to me so much but everyone talks about getting the "plexi" sound, so there must be something to that. I have a Marshall Valvestate that I got for cheap and I think it sounds great...
  7. Max Max

    Amplifier family portraits

    You have your amps AND a piano bolted to the ceiling! That's awesome man!
  8. Max Max

    Amplifier family portraits

    As a Metallica fan, these pictures are guitar and amplifier heaven to me:D
  9. Max Max

    " Show me What you Have "

    2010 Gibson Les Paul Studio
  10. Max Max

    Amplifier family portraits

  11. Max Max

    Thoughts on the Gibson LP Studio Tribute?

    I have a Studio in worn brown. It plays and sounds great. I like the way it looks, but something I did expect is how much people, who don't play guitar, like the way it looks. My wife, my parents, my wife's parents, they all commented about what a nice looking guitar it is. I've had many guitars...
  12. Max Max

    Whats the deal with PRS guitars?

    Before I bought my Les Paul, I tried one of their single cuts. This poor GC employee spent a half hour digging it out of the stock room for me to try...only to discover I HATED it. For me, it just wasn't comfortable to play and the pickups sounded so low output to me for being humbuckers. I've...
  13. Max Max

    NAD! Retrurn to Marshall

    I have a DSL15H, I love mine. I changed out the stock Marshall tube in the V1 for a Tung-Sol and it cleared up the "noisyness" in the Ultra Gain channel that everyone complains about on these amps. Also, if you're going to run an overdrive pedal in front, these amps seem to sound better with a...
  14. Max Max

    I still have loads of unwanted sounds when playing hi gain

    What kind of noise gate are you using and where in the signal chain are you using it? Does you amp have an effects loop?
  15. Max Max

    I think I'll say goodbye to the Burstbucker Pros

    I just did this. Whoever had my guitar before me had the bridge pickup so high, I'm pretty sure it was touching the low E string when I was palm muting. You're right, a few turns makes a world of difference. I love the scooped mids myself but it's not for everyone. I use an eq pedal to scoop the...
  16. Max Max

    New Marshall amp day!

    Mind giving us a run down of what's in the picture? I recognize the Duel Rec but what Marshalls are those exactly?
  17. Max Max

    New Marshall amp day!

    It's surprisingly good. I got the Zombie XL, so it's the two channel version with the footswitch. Sounds like a cross between a Duel Rec and a Mark series Mesa(as close as you can get in this price range obviously). I run a five band eq in the effects loop to get it closer to the Mark series...
  18. Max Max

    New Marshall amp day!

    Those micro/mini heads are perfect for hobbyist guitar players. For someone who works an off shift like me, they're perfect. Real tube amps that won't get the cops called on you at midnight. I've got a little collection going myself.
  19. Max Max

    Epiphone Alnico Classic Pro.. The next Grail pickups???

    Calm down there, Thurston Howell. For some people it is and that's fine.
  20. Max Max

    Epiphone Alnico Classic Pro.. The next Grail pickups???

    I had them in my Epiphone and changed them out for the Probuckers. Good lead tone on the neck pickup, but the bridge wasn't hot enough for me.

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