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  1. amused

    my replica in the hand of Relic Arts (France)

    Hey guys, the guitar has been painted at the beginning of the month and is now resting for the finish to be ready for the relic part. My idea was to get a guitar that feels really broken in and used, i want to feel it on the back of the neck, i want black knots in the finish, and wood exposed...
  2. amused

    my replica in the hand of Relic Arts (France)

    Hey Kingxman, the original colour was really beautiful yes, but the top is so so nice that i want to go for something a little more trasnparent like a greeny lemmon with a heavy relic.... i want it to feel like an old guitar comfort-wise, and esthetically of course because i already know how it...
  3. amused

    my replica in the hand of Relic Arts (France)

    THis was the original finish (no relic at all), and the guitar is now as on the last 2 pictures, no finish at all ...
  4. amused

    my replica in the hand of Relic Arts (France)

    Hello guys, as promised, a couple of pics of the guitar before lending in Relic Arts hands: And just after Mickael sanded the original finish: Also here is a link to Relic Arts webpage for the curious ones: Relic Arts See you after painting is done !!! Mica.
  5. amused

    my replica in the hand of Relic Arts (France)

    Hi guys, so a few months ago a good friend of mine who happen to build Les Paul replica as a past-time finished to build my replica, with a very good selection of old-growth woods, typically 40-50 years, rio rosewood board similar to the one on my original 52/59 conversion, and a great set of...
  6. amused

    CC#1 Historic Makeovers Greeny Conversion

    Really cool project, I like the result very much... the aging is really up against the best I have seen on CCs.
  7. amused

    What are the best way to get vintage/reliced accurate plastics?

    Hello guys, I know this has probably been talked over many times here and in youtube, etc... But I want to get your opinions, especially people who bought product or already had experience aging a les paul plastics to get them "dirty" :) I put it in this section because I have a nice replica...
  8. amused

    Guitar Books for sale:

    I am potentially interested in various if shipment to Spain is possible.
  9. amused

    New Vaschenko in Da House

    I saw it on sell, and stay in awe at the top and finish, really nice. Only thing that personaly pulled me off is the fretboard, I am really not a fan of clear board... at this exception it looks incredible, congrats
  10. amused

    Latest ‘53/‘59 Conversion Surprise Uber Flame!

    The result is really good IMO, I probably would have hesitated about converting it to hum or not, but I am sure this guitar will inspire its owner to play the hell out of it :)
  11. amused

    Replica: a dream comes true!

    that is kind of true @TeleDog, but still you need a lot of patience, and some skillset... I have one in the building with a guy who started from scratch building and in a couple of years he made beautiful guitars, he is still learning and getting better at some of it, but still his work is...
  12. amused

    The Italian Job

    What a devastating news, I did not know the man, nor I had the chance to play or own one of his guitars, but the passion in this thread has always been present... I guess now is really a bad time to look for one of his beautiful work of art... @Takeawy, beautiful guitar man, it looks very...
  13. amused

    Story of My Conversion (52-59)

    Thanks Eric for your advice, any idea if I could find someone who would do that job for me?
  14. amused

    Story of My Conversion (52-59)

    You are welcome... mine was also from the very beginning, no serial number, no binding as you can see... The whole process is about 4-6 months long when Tom starts his work, but he probably has pending builds in the go, so you should contact him first. Let us know how it goes... Mine is still...
  15. amused

    NGD 2019 59 60th Brazilian

    Beautiful Ben, certainly one of the most beautiful top in my book... If it sounds and resonate as good as it looks it is definitely a keeper ;)
  16. amused

    NGD: 50th Anniv '68 Goldtop Heavy Aged

    very nice goldtop, I love the ultra aged work and would take it as a plus personally. There is currently one for sell on Reverb but it is very very expensive... and will probably not sell at that price.
  17. amused

    Refin 1955 Gibson Les Paul - To Do It or Not?

    Nice relic job and nice goldtop finish... do you know who did this one? Thanks for sharing !!!
  18. amused

    SOLD: The Heritage H150 Blacktop

    how did you get those photos of the mapple cap?? are you working at Heritage?
  19. amused

    1960 Burst Restoration

    We don't know the story behind this guitar, how it came out of gibson factory,etc... So for me, I think JS did a really incredible work to convert it to a proper burst, and would love to hear how it sounds now... I have a 52-59 and can not be anymore happy about how it sounds, I mean it is by...
  20. amused

    Angus Young Sg

    A Le pape customer cool... do you have a 54 goldtop from Le Pape in the making? I just made a deposit for a special 54 from Le Pape and can't wait too... I heard so much about them. About your SG, if it sounds good and is well repaired, I guess 30-35% off another used example could be fair...

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