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    R9 saga on The Gear Page.

    I not the OP of this thread. I'm just posting this because I'm curious if any of you fellas on here have seen this 16 page thread on this R9 Les Paul? It is supposedly an R9 les paul with serial no. 9 1959. It doesn't have a COA or case, but Gruhn gave an appraisal and deems it an R9. The cavity...
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    Here is my refinshed 2016 Les Paul after 30 days of UV exposure.

    Last month, I started a thread about refinishing my Les Paul with the intent of purposely exposing it to UV light to eventually obtain a "Lemon burst" finish. Well, it's been 1 month since I started the exposure and here are the results in chronological order. She has spent 50hrs in a tanning...
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    Stripped and refinished my 2016 Les Paul Traditional w/ pictures

    Alright fellas, hopefully everyone had a quiet holidays. I ended up having some free time late last week, so I hoped into the trenches and stripped the front of my 2016 Les Paul Traditional, that I had been trying to fade out in natural sunlight, and a tanning bed. All I have to say, is that...
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    Let's see your before and after pictures of your sun faded Les Paul's.

    I own a 2016 Les Paul Traditional Plain Top in light burst. I purchased the guitar brand new, back in March of 2016. Love the guitar, no qualms about it. Lately though I've been thinking about stripping the top and refinishing it in lemon burst. Because my time is limited, before I go that...
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    No finish checking on newer Les Paul's???

    Sorry to beat a dead horse because I know this gets asked alot. What gives with these nitro finishes Gibson uses nowadays? I have a 2016 Les Paul Traditional that I have owned for the past three years. Recently, I took it with me to visit family up north where the temp was in the single digits...
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    DiMarzio 36th PAF vs. StewMac Parson Street PAF?

    I am a newbie on this forum who has lurked for sometime. I have been playing for the past couple of years a 2016 Gibson Les Paul Traditional. I bought the Les Paul used and it already had a set of Seymour Duncan Whole Lotta Humbuckers installed in it. The pickups do the classic rock gig really...

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