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  1. madh4ttr

    Looking to try some new strings

    For my opinion, I hate EB strings. Die quickly. D'Addario are the ones I use and last a good while. Give them a try.
  2. madh4ttr

    Gibson LP Std 50s vs. LP Classic

    Well, that's subjective. I hate coil tapping, hate weight relieved LP's, prefer the pickups in the standard and, would never be satisfied with less than a standard. Everyone has their own opinion, just like the one you have. To each his/her own
  3. madh4ttr

    Who also plays bass?

    Yea Im a bass player that also plays guitar. I love both
  4. madh4ttr

    Classic vs. Standard 60s!

    That is if you like coil tapping. One of the main reasons I bought the 60's standard is because no bullshit like that on it. To each his/her own though.
  5. madh4ttr

    Would you rather purchase a beat '77 les paul with...

    If I was looking, I wouldn't really look at that if it wasn't stock regardless if the original parts were with it
  6. madh4ttr

    Slash vs. Joe Perry

    Between those 2, definitely Joe Perry but, I like Brad's playing better than Joe's
  7. madh4ttr

    Sweetwater down to their last in stock Gibson electric guitar

    It's not hard to look at American Musical or ZZSounds. They have some in stock if you are looking for an LP. I'm so glad I got mine before all this bullshit started.
  8. madh4ttr

    What is the root cause of GAS?

    The root cause of GAS is that you aren't truly happy with your instrument, amp, or pedal. In my 30+ years of playing, I have owned so many different guitars/basses, amps and pedals that if I had them all, it would fill up a 20x20 room, top to bottom. I finally am truly happy with my set up now...
  9. madh4ttr

    2019 50s standard or 2013 58RI

    Well, IMO, I'd have to play and compare the 2. No way I could give you advice on that but, GL with whatever you decide.
  10. madh4ttr

    Is my R9 chambered ?

    you can do it yourself, if you are comfortable changing your own strings. if you do, cut the balls off the strings you take off and slip them on the ongoing strings you want to put on top wrapping. this will help keep the winding part at the bottom hidden. you what they say, once you top...
  11. madh4ttr

    Is my R9 chambered ?

    The only way to go!!
  12. madh4ttr

    Classic vs. Standard 60s!

    I would never be happy with less than a standard. All LP models are nice. Just personal preference. To ME, when Gibson came back out with non weight relief and no gimmicks like coil tapping (which I hate), it was a no brainer. I would say go with the Standard but only you can make that call...
  13. madh4ttr

    In praise of The New Originals!

    The main difference I'm after is the quality of woods. They are cream of the crop but, you find the right standard, it will suffice
  14. madh4ttr

    In praise of The New Originals!

    Don't mind uncovered pickups but to me, anything less than a Standard, I would regret. My 60's Bourbon Burst is a great guitar and I don't have any shoulda coulda woulda thoughts. . Hotter pickups, slimmer neck and the top color made it an easy choice over the 50's. Not to mention, finally a...
  15. madh4ttr

    In praise of The New Originals!

    60's Bourbon Burst
  16. madh4ttr

    To buy a 2020 Standard

    You will most certainly notice a difference in feel, looks, sound and playability. Not to mention, the Gibson will hold value very well. TO me, one of the biggest differences is the finish. I love the nitrocellulose finish. Smells great and is just way better!!! But, only you can decide if...
  17. madh4ttr

    Les Pauls are AMAZING guitars... BUT...

    Not sure why you are even here then. LP Forum. GO to a Strat forum and preach your bullshit
  18. madh4ttr

    Does anyone use the String Butler?

    Why would you use one?
  19. madh4ttr

    How important is the word "Gibson" on your headstock.

    Really. Dumb. Thread

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