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  1. DavidRamey

    Dummy Load

    I have a 150 watt 8 ohm resistor that I wanted to use for a dummy load. I wanted to mount the resistor on a heat sink. I found an old computer power supply, took it apart and found 2 heat sinks inside. I dismantled the power supply, mounted the 8 ohm resistor on one of the heat sinks. I...
  2. DavidRamey

    Harman Kardon's customer service

    The left channel quit working on my Harman Kardon receiver last Friday. I sent an e-mail to Harman Kardon customer service inquiring about getting a schematic, parts list or repair manual. April 1st (Easter Sunday) I get an e-mail from Harman Kardon with a complete repair manual as an...
  3. DavidRamey

    Giving money to the BLM

    Next month I have to give money to the BLM (Bureau of Land Management). It will be time to pay the yearly maintenance fees for our mining claim. I wish I could find somebody that is interested in mining it. At 64 (will be 65 in November), I just can't mine it myself anymore. There is a bear...
  4. DavidRamey

    I got my Marshall Code 25 today.

    I got my Marshall Code 25 today. The bluetooth is almost worthless. I get it paired to my iPad Air. After I get it connected to my iPad, about 5-10 minutes the amp acts like it "times out" of the bluetooth connection. I made sure that nothing else was connected to my iPad by bluetooth. I...
  5. DavidRamey

    What do you want your epitaph to say?

    My epitaph will be "Did not wake up today."
  6. DavidRamey

    FS Gibson 57 Classic & 57 Classic + pickups

    I have a set of Gibson 57 Classic and 57 Classic + pickups for sale. I sent the pickups in to James at ReWind to have new leads installed. The leads are 13" long. The 57 Classic pickup measures 7.83k and the 57 Classic + measures 8.20k. These pickups were made in 2013 and the covers are...
  7. DavidRamey

    VIP Satus

    I have a thread in the amplifier forum requesting VIP Status for Don @ Soul Tramp amplifiers. He goes out of his way to help people even when they aren't buying an amp from him. I was told I should post the thread here in the Backstage forum. If a mod could move that thread here and maybe...
  8. DavidRamey

    VIP Status

    Don at Soul Tramp should have VIP status. He goes out of his way to explain things and help people. He is one of our most valuable assets here on the forum.
  9. DavidRamey

    Fuzz pedals

    The very first pedal I ever bought was a Gibson Maestro FZ-1 Fuzz pedal. I sold it many years ago. Does anybody make a clone?
  10. DavidRamey

    FRFR speakers

    I need something explained to me. I understand the need for a flat response speaker so that you don't color the sound of the different amp/speaker combinations. But why the hell do you need a full range? It is still a guitar being plugged into the amp/preamp/modeling whatever. I just do not...
  11. DavidRamey

    modeling amps and feedback

    When you crank a tube amp to right on the edge of feedback and as you turn your guitar towards the amp you get this incredibly long sustain. Are any of the modeling amps able to emulate this but at a reduced volume for home use?
  12. DavidRamey

    knowing one's limitations

    I have an Epiphone ES335 PRO. I installed a Faber Bridge, steel bushings and Stop Bar. Great improvement over the stock hardware. I installed a JonesyBlues wiring harness with 50's wiring. The stock pickups were too bright in this guitar for me so I took the Gibson 57 Classic and 57 Classic...
  13. DavidRamey

    soldering my own cables

    I need to start building my own cables. Commercial cables are either too long or too short. Which brands of 1/4" TS plugs and RCA plugs do you like to use? Amphenol, Neutrik, Switchcraft or a different brand? What about that brand do you like or dislike?
  14. DavidRamey

    small diaphragm condenser microphone

    I am thinking of buying a small diaphragm condenser microphone to record my acoustic guitar. What would be a good mic that costs less than $500.00?
  15. DavidRamey

    FS TC Electronic Polytune mini

    I have a TC Electronic Polytune mini for sale. It is in brand new condition and I only used it once. I just prefer my Boss TU-3 over the polytune. It comes in the original box. It still has the protective cover on the screen. $60.00 including shipping in the USA.
  16. DavidRamey

    Tascam Recorder SOLD!!!!

    I have a Tascam DR-40 Linear PCM Recorder for sale in like new condition for $100.00. It comes in the original box with an 2GB SD card, 3AA alkaline batteries, USB cable, Tilt foot, and owners manual. Free shipping in the USA. Sold!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. DavidRamey

    For Sale Tascam Audio Interface

    I have a Tascam Audio Interface US144MKII for sale for $75.00 including shipping in the USA. It comes in the original box with a USB cable, CD-ROM with driver and manuals, DVD-ROM with Cubase, Cubase quick start guide, and owners manual. It is in like new condition.
  18. DavidRamey


    I am thinking about buying a small mixer. I am looking at Yamaha and Allen & Heath 10 or 12 channels. I think I have it narrowed down to 4 mixers; Allen & Heath ZED 10FX, ZED 12FX and Yamaha MG10XU and MG12XU. Anybody have any experience with them or tell me which might be better according...
  19. DavidRamey

    Long Tenon

    Does somebody know which Epiphone Les Pauls have a long neck tenon? If there is a thread about this, please post a link to it. Thanks in advance.
  20. DavidRamey

    Fret job

    Who do you recommend for doing a Fret job?

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