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  1. EEF13

    Moving Away To Pursue Music

    Hi guys hows it going? Where I am from the music scene is dead. There are many great bands but in my country nobody really respects music. Not to brag but a lot of people say I should leave and go to the States to see what i could do music wise. Now I don't read or write music. I am a good...
  2. EEF13

    Pics Of Modern Beat Up Les Pauls

    I am always seeing vintage/Norlin beat up LP's or reliced guitars but I don't often see modern(ish) beat up Les Pauls.
  3. EEF13

    Is it me or this really sucks?

    I love this song but wow imo this really sucks the big one. Don't know why it does not embed
  4. EEF13

    Les Paul Neck/Headstock Break

    Hey guys. I had my Les Paul Special that I got around 4 years ago pretty cheap because it had a headstock repair and it was done really well. I have been leaving my special at the studio for like 4 weeks and it has been in the same 5 guitar stand with no way of falling. Also no one goes in...
  5. EEF13

    My Band Stone Sonora

    Hi. Stone Sonora is a blues based heavy rock band. Hope you like our new single Seconds To Go Please check us out on facebook and reverbnation. You can download our song free. Stone Sonora Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos
  6. EEF13

    Hum Cancelling P90 recommendation

    I am looking for a hum cancelling p90 that sounds like a true p90. The style I Play is metal/heavy rock, classic rock, and blues. Help me find a good pickup.
  7. EEF13

    Hey MLP. Popping In To Say Hi.

    Hey guys. It has been a while since I have posted something. I have been going through a lot of shit lately and I will make a thread on that soon. It's a lot so I will have to take my time. How you guys been?
  8. EEF13

    What Watches Are You Wearing?

    What watches are you wearing or you want to get soon? I am saving up for a nice watch. Either Rolex, Omega, or Jaeger Lecoultre/Lecoultre. Lets see what you guys are wearing.
  9. EEF13

    New Joe Perry & Brad Whitford Rig Rundown

    Rig Rundown - Aerosmith's Joe Perry - YouTube Rig Rundown - Aerosmith's Brad Whitford - YouTube
  10. EEF13

    Alfred Rises

    I would see this movie if it were real Alfred Rises - The Dark Knight - Alfred The Movie - YouTube
  11. EEF13

    Roland/Fender VG Stratocaster Demo By Pete Thorn

    Roland/Fender VG Stratocaster, demo by Pete Thorn - YouTube
  12. EEF13

    Man threatens neighbor with gun for flatulence attack in front of his home

    Too Funny Man threatens neighbor with gun for flatulence attack in front of his home - NY Daily News
  13. EEF13

    Getting Gigs As An Instrumental Band

    I am sick of waiting around for a singer to play my music and I am sick of not playing some good rock guitar onstage. Don't get me wrong, I love playing with my other bands but as a musician you guys understand I want to play my own stuff. So in the meantime while looking for a singer I want...
  14. EEF13

    George Lynch Playing Some Heavy Shit With A Tele

    Not to much gain. No active pickups. Tuned low. Bass and guitar complementing each other. This is a good example to show people that you don't need a ton of gain or humbuckers to sound heavy.
  15. EEF13

    When Cats And Dogs Party Together

    J2O Cats and Dogs - YouTube
  16. EEF13

    Actors Against Acting Athletes with Gary Oldman

    Funny as hell. Gary Oldman scares the shit out of me sometimes. Actors Against Acting Athletes with Gary Oldman - YouTube
  17. EEF13

    Hey Guys, Can You Vote For My Band?

    Hey guys. First time I ask for something like this. The singer in my band told me that if we win that we will get a lot of promotion and good stuff. You can vote with a fake name or email once a day. I appreciate you guys helping me out. Our band name is Hotel18. You gotta register but like I...
  18. EEF13

    Who Needs The Food Network When You Have This Guy?

    How To Correctly Cook a Chicken - YouTube
  19. EEF13

    Slash - "One Last Thrill"

    I like it better than You're A Lie Slash - "One Last Thrill" - Full Song!!! - YouTube
  20. EEF13

    Slayer Issue Health Update on Jeff Hanneman

    Did not know it was this serious. Slayer Issue Health Update on Jeff Hanneman; Gary Holt to Continue to Fill In Live | Guitar World Slayer have issued an open letter addressed to "Slayer fans around the world," updating fans on the state of guitarist Jeff Hanneman as well the band's plans...

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