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  1. splinteh

    Line 6 Pocket Pod

    Hey all, I've been looking into getting a good effects pedal and "headphone amp" around the $150 range.:hmm: I found the Line 6 Pocket Pod may suit my needs. So far, I've read a few reviews online. The sound is great, but the thing is made of plastic and may break easier. What to you guys...
  2. splinteh

    Nut Change + Sticky Neck

    Hey everyone, Lately the Sticky Neck on my Epi LP has been driving me nuts. It feels really bad. Any tips? Also, I can't decide what type of nut I will be getting to get rid of buzzing:hmm:. What are the pros and cons? Thanks.:thumb:
  3. splinteh

    Tips on Getting Rid of Cheap Finish

    Any tips on how to get rid of the really cheap looking gloss on a guitar? I'd still like it to shine, but not over do it.
  4. splinteh

    DVD guitar lessons

    Are DVD guitar lessons any good? Are they worth buying? Some people say they are while others say otherwise. What do you think of them?
  5. splinteh

    Other upgrades for an Epi Les Paul

    Besides changing the pickups, nut, caps, and pots, what else is there to upgrade on an Epi LP? Are there certain models or types of nuts, caps, and pots etc that I should get? I'm happy with the tuners I have. Thanks everyone:D
  6. splinteh

    Slash Seymour Duncan pickups

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if the :slash:slash seymour duncan alcino 2 pro pickups are good. Do any of you have them and if so are they good? I want to get a good "slash" type of sound on my guitar. Right now I own 498T's. They sound okay but i want to know if there's much of a difference. I...
  7. splinteh

    Pickup upgrades

    What are the best type of pickups? Right now I own the 498 t's that came on my Epiphone Les Paul custom. So far I've heard of Seymour Duncan's. What other choices are there? Is there anything better?
  8. splinteh

    Exchange My Epi Les Paul Custom Heritage Cherry sunburst for standard cherry Sunburst

    Hello everyone, I need some advice on my les paul. A couple days ago I purchased a Epiphone Les Paul Custom in Heritage Cherry Sunburst. I want to exchange for a regular LP standard instead. Should I keep my custom or get a standard? Is there any other difference between the...

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