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  1. lawrev

    Grover Tuners for a Custom Shop Les Paul TV

    Hi All, I've been thinking down the road about installing aged Grover tuners onto my Custom Shop TV Model. Purely aesthetics. I know that the Grover 502C drop into a Les Paul headstock without drilling, which I do want, but I don't see them coming in an aged nickel version. Does anyone know...
  2. lawrev

    Underneath a TV Reissue SC Pickguard

    This is what appears underneath my TV reissue's pickguard. I thought that the long neck tenon would stretch farther down, but maybe I am not correct with that perception. Now looking forward to the Mojoaxe pickguard from @Danelectro
  3. lawrev

    Recommendation - Tortoise Shell Pickguard for a Custom Shop TV SC

    Hi All, I'm looking for a vendor that makes very colorful / vibrant tortoise shell pickguards.Single ply and transparent like the originals. I have a Custom Shop TV reissue single cut and I want to purchase one. What do you recommend? Thanks!
  4. lawrev

    Change in Custom Shop Les Paul Junior and SG Junior Cases

    Hi All, I've noticed that some of the Custom Shop Les Paul and SG Junior cases are now coming in a black/gold combination now, along with a black covered CoA. This looks like the shift from 2020 to 2021 years. Anybody hear of a reason for these changes? Thanks.
  5. lawrev

    Small All Tube Amp w Headphone Jack

    Hi everyone, I am looking to purchase an all tube amp (new or slightly used), with power between .5 - 4W, and a headphone jack (for practice). This is for at home practice at this point - an apartment so I have to be careful about volume. Any recommendations? Thanks.
  6. lawrev

    Biggest Guitar Retail Stores in Europe

    Hi All, Can anyone share with me the names of the biggest guitar retail stores in Europe? Happy Holidays and New Year, Everyone!
  7. lawrev

    Pictures - Aged Custombucker Alnico III Unpotted - 2018 Junior VOS

    Thanks again for all the advice in the other thread! Here are the end results. Both pickups are a pair I purchased out of a 2019 R7. The installed bridge pickup was done first --two coats of white vinegar and while that helped, it wasn't making a big enough of a change. So I bought muriatic...
  8. lawrev

    Aging a Gibson Customerbucker Cover

    Hi All, I just had a Gibson Custombucker Alnico 3 unpotted installed in my VOS Junior. Sounds great, but the cover is unaged and the rest of the guitar has aged parts from the factory. I don't want to mess up a great thing, but I was curious whether it is possible to age the cover while...
  9. lawrev

    International Gibson Shipping and Distribution Agreements

    I was surprised to find out recently that Gibson has shipping and distribution agreements with dealers outside the U.S. I assumed that Gibson wanted to sell as many guitars as possible, which would also include selling European located Gibsons and selling them to American customers. But I'm told...
  10. lawrev

    Pre-Wired Kits for a Custom Shop Junior

    I have a 2018 Custom Shop Junior. What do you recommend as the best Pre-Wired kit? I want something highly accurate to the vintage juniors. Thanks!
  11. lawrev

    NGD: 2018 Les Paul Junior VOS in Sunshine

    Hi All, It took a special guitar for me to sell my Lukas Nelson Junior (which is fantastic in its own right!), but here it is. This is a 2018 Junior 1958 Reissue in Sunshine, modded at the Custom Shop with Grovers, humbucker, coil split wiring on the volume knob, and the special VOS finish in...
  12. lawrev

    WTB: Single Ply Les Paul Junior Truss Rod Cover

    Hi All, I'm looking to purchase a single ply LP Junior TRC - the flat one that is on the Custom Shop Junior, for example. Not the thicker single ply that shows up on the lower end Juniors made over the past 6 or so years. Pictures are desired. Thanks.
  13. lawrev

    NGD: 2020 Les Paul Junior Lukas Nelson '56 Reissue

    Took delivery on this guitar yesterday (built late June) and can't say enough good things about it: 1. Guitar finish is fantastic. Not a cheap satin finish. The vintage sunburst color really shines in the morning light. 2. The build quality is equal to any Custom Shop Junior or Special that I...
  14. lawrev

    1986 Les Paul Junior Update

    Hi All, With Led Zeppelin I playing in the background, here's a bit of an update on the Junior I purchased a month or so ago. And yes, pictures! I really liked the stock Gibson P90, but I had always wanted a Seymour Duncan Custom Shop "Humbucker Under P90 Dogear." So I had one built. There is...
  15. lawrev

    What do you think about a mid 1980s P-90 Pickup?

    Hi Everyone, I want to get your opinion about the Gibson P-90 from the mid 1980s. I purchased a 1986 Les Paul Junior in Cherry, which I love. It is stock except for the Lollar P-90. The pickup and electronics sound great. The original P90 came with the guitar (the clear bobbin). In the...
  16. lawrev

    WTB: 1986 - 89 Les Paul Junior Sunburst

    Hi All, I'm looking to purchase a 1986 - 89 Les Paul Junior in Sunburst. Single or Double Cut is fine with me. As close to stock as possible. Condition depends - would prefer one in the good - very good range and up (given that condition is subjective). Send me a pm and I'll get back to you...
  17. lawrev

    Jupiter Capacitor - Les Paul Junior

    Hi All, This is the wiring and capacitor inside the 1986 Les Paul Junior I just purchased. It has a Lollar P-90 installed, so I'm curious whether the wiring is non - stock too. Never heard of Jupiter. Thoughts? Thanks!
  18. lawrev

    Strap Lock Recommendations

    I'm looking for a pair of strap locks for my just purchased Junior. A friend recommends Dunlop - any suggestions?
  19. lawrev

    NGD: 1986 Les Paul Junior

    Took delivery on a 1986 Les Paul Junior Single Cut in Cherry. Will post pictures and impressions in the next several days. Initial impression is very positive!
  20. lawrev

    Difference Between a 2018 Les Paul Junior and the 2019/20 Original Collection Junior

    Hi Everyone, What is the difference between the two models? Is it just the Gibson script on the headstock or does it go deeper than that?

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