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  1. amused

    my replica in the hand of Relic Arts (France)

    Hi guys, so a few months ago a good friend of mine who happen to build Les Paul replica as a past-time finished to build my replica, with a very good selection of old-growth woods, typically 40-50 years, rio rosewood board similar to the one on my original 52/59 conversion, and a great set of...
  2. amused

    What are the best way to get vintage/reliced accurate plastics?

    Hello guys, I know this has probably been talked over many times here and in youtube, etc... But I want to get your opinions, especially people who bought product or already had experience aging a les paul plastics to get them "dirty" :) I put it in this section because I have a nice replica...
  3. amused

    WTB: Gibson CC#17 Louis

    Anyone looking to sell a well aged/top looking Gibson CC #17 Luis?? Just shout me a pm to talk it :P
  4. amused

    my Gustavsson BM for your 52/53/54 GT :)

    Hello guys, i put my Gustavsson Bluesmaster on sell now for about more than a month on Reverb, and here also I think but I am quite firm on the sell price and the best offer I got was short 1K so I decided to refuse. On the other end, I have been proposed numerous beautiful guitars, but mostly...
  5. amused

    2005 Johan Gustavsson Bluesmaster

    The real deal... I can probably work something out for a fellow forum brother. I am also opened to partial trades if you have a cherry Collings I35LC or even an ES335 menphis 1963 or a black Retrospec...
  6. amused

    Story of My Conversion (52-59)

    Hello guys, I wanted to share with you guys my journey with a special guitar from the fifties. I propose that I go by part to let you guys make comments and so that we can all have a discussion here about her. First about the guitar I found, a 52 Les Paul from the very first, with no binding...
  7. amused

    What would you do, 52 conversion?

    Hi guys, I found a 52 a few months ago, and I have had a hard time deciding what kind of conversion finish I would prefer for her. The fact is I found her pre-converted a long time ago, with no finish on the top and a perfect center-seam, which makes the choice even harder because it screams...
  8. amused

    What is the best relic job on the mkt today?

    Hi guys, I was wondering who is considered to do the best heavy relic on the market today?? I have seen some beautiful job on some CC guitars, but a few luthier are really specialist on relicing I think. Gibson Custom SHop should propose to relic Gibson LP for clients with the example...
  9. amused

    WTB: Pafs (vintage or boutique)

    Hi guys, I have a nice project undergoing and I am really looking to put good humbuckers, very vintage sounding in that special ONE. An original set would be the best, but also the most expensive... so let's get your best deals and I will see what I decide. I could even consider ONE...
  10. amused

    WTB: vintage or repro parts for a conversion LP

    Everything in the title, I would like to find the best pieces of hardware, plastics and electronic to put in a conversion project I have started. Vintage would be the best but I am open to very nice repro stuff... Ideally, maybe someone bought everything for a project and never end up...
  11. amused

    WTB: JG Bluesmaster

    Hi guys, I am currently looking to buy a JG Bluesmaster for a better price than new, so if you have one for sell and you want more than 10K, I will decline the offer, unless it has something really excepcional... or unless it is the perfect finish, top,... combination for me. Thanks a lot.
  12. amused

    Am I making a good deal??

    Hi guys, again my GAS for a vintage goldtop stroke me yesterday, a 54 with repaired neck but except from that and a missing poker chip, everything else is advertised as original, the case seems to be from a 54 custom, would 13K be a fair price? This is the listing...
  13. amused

    does this 53 cavities look normal to you??

    Hello, just a guitar i have been interested in buying, 53 with reset neck and strange pickup cavities for me... but i am not an expert so i prefer to ask you all. Electronics has been swapped too: How much would you buy such a guitar, with original case?? THanks.
  14. amused

    WTB OTPG set of pickups

    Hi guys, i'd be glad to test those pickups which are highly regarded on my replica, so anyone having a set and willing to part with could be my seller :) :thumb::thumb:
  15. amused

    devalue for a lost SN on vintage Gibson?

    Hi guys, I was wondering how much would a lost SN on a 57 goldtop LP that has been completely refinished would take off the value of the guitar? I know it is a difficult question, with a range of possible answers, but I would like opinions please. Thanks a lot.
  16. amused

    WTB: Gibson CC2 Aged Goldie

    Hi guys, if any of you guys is selling his Goldie, I might be interested. Thanks.
  17. amused

    Ibanez AT300 (EUROPE)

    Hi, selling a very difficult to find (discontinued) Andy Timmons AT300 model from Ibanez. I met Andy 2 years ago with the guitar after a show, he played and signed the guitar, as you can see in the pictures. The guitar is all original, plays wonderfully, has a very few minos scratchs, I...
  18. amused

    Gibson '59 Junior 3199 euros (EUROPE)

    Hello guys, I have a vintage LP Junior from '59 that I need to sell as fast as possible for financial problems and because that is not one of the guitars I cannot sell. So, the guitar is pretty much all original, except a pair of pickguard screws and a little circular piece of one tuning...
  19. amused

    1966 GIBSON ES335 Sunburst

    Hey guys, I have that wonderfull 66 Gibson that aged over the years beautifully... I have to face personal problems and I need to sell more than half of my guitars. This one is special to me, but it is one of the last to enter so it has to go. I don't have lots of information about the...
  20. amused

    NGD 1966 ES335 Sunburst

    Here it is, I grabbed this beauty last week-end for a very nice price in Spain. The guitar has been owned by 2 guys, the fist owner bought it in the 60 in Valencia, Spain, and played it profesionnaly for popular concert ... then the second owner change it against a strat in the '90 and played...

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