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  1. ArchEtech

    And in the 4th day god created the engulate....

    And on the 4th day God created the engulate. On the 5th day God created bovinae and Adam rejoiced upon the bone in rib-eye. Then Eve ruined it by saying it was undercooked but Adam didn’t give a shit. All was right in the world until the sun hath risen.
  2. ArchEtech I not a fan of pick guards on some Les Pauls is this cheating ...

    Static clear vinyl when I play .....:band:
  3. ArchEtech

    Ok, I need examples of the most comfortable guitar straps known to man...

    ....and women to combat the sheer weight of destruction that goes along with our beloved Les Pauls!
  4. ArchEtech

    NGD: M2M Custom Axcess - Zakk Attack update!

    I’m so pumped about this one! I can’t wait until it gets to me to post about it. For years I have loved the Zakk W custom shops though not super crazy about the prices or paint jobs. I love the specs though. I’ve also really been intrigued by the Axcess guitars - love the heel and belly cut...
  5. ArchEtech

    Chinese guitar stalker on Reverb and eBay....what to do

    I have a guitar up for sale on both sites. I only ship within the continental United States. It’s very clear in my shipping information within the listing as well as specifically written in the item description. He’s tried to purchase it twice on reverb and I’ve had to refund his payment. When...
  6. ArchEtech

    Les Paul Finish Aging question: Different aging / Patina on neck vs body

    I have two Les Pauls that seem to have this issue. The nitro seems to have aged differently between the neck and the body. One guitar has a neck that has a more milky tone to it and hides the grain a little more than the body. Its lost some of the reddish tone. I'm assuming years of playing...
  7. ArchEtech

    NGD 68 Reissue Custom - want some mods advice

    Glad to have a custom again! It came with black and cream plastic. The guitar has such a great cream to amber patina on all the binding that I think the cream hardware just looks better. I’m sure the guitar already sets off some purists but it does it for me. I just though the top was so nice...
  8. ArchEtech

    NGS: 68 custom reissue figured butterscotch!!! Need advice on mods..

    I know the 68 didn’t exist in a figured top’s a historic reissue model It came with black and cream plastic. The guitar has such a great cream to amber patina on all the binding that I think the cream hardware just looks better. I’m sure the guitar already sets off some purists but...
  9. ArchEtech

    Question about Gibson Custom Les Paul Florentine models

    I am looking at getting one of these possibly. There there much of a difference between where is was made, and are they a true custom shop. Some don't have the custom shop logo on the back of the headstock, some do. Looking at a Black Beauty version, not sure on year, but it doesn't have the...
  10. ArchEtech

    Luxxtone Choppa T (tele). Flamed neck fence post SOLD

    Swamp ash fence post body. Pretty light weight and very unique. Fralin Blues split coil Stainless frets Roasted flamed neck with a light nocaster feel (not quite as big) Distressed vintage hardware Really no wear on it since it has kind of a distressed relic look to it to begin with...
  11. ArchEtech

    PRS Modern Eagle III $2999

    This is the anniversary model with narrow field pick ups. Very versatile pick up slightly stratty with the volume turned down to a very solid classic rock tone all the way up. Middle pick up and the in between’s can get a little quack too. Solid rosewood necks. Bound with bird inlays...
  12. ArchEtech

    Sold: Fender Custom Classic Custom Shop Daphne Blue $2400

    Please message me if you would like any more pictures. Beautiful satin figured neck, soft V to flatter compound neck. Very comfortable. Pretzel and fretboard little wear. It’s been taken care of and lightly played since I bought it. Thinner slightly matte finish. Original volume pot...
  13. ArchEtech

    NGD: (Sort of) RC Guitarworks Stratocaster Style purchased from a Builder on this forum - Candy Red Relic

    I say sort of because I put off this thread until I had a chance to play it for a while and could do a review. The short of it is I'm very happy with it. I've never had a guitar with a wenge neck and that's probably the first thing that stands out. It reminds me a lot of my PRS ME rosewood...
  14. ArchEtech

    NGD: Low Volume Gutierrez Single Cut Hunk of Wood

    Picked this off of Reverb. Its a great player. It was a small risk not being a familiar brand or maker, but I'm glad I chanced it. The guy I bought if from used it on a lot of recordings, and also uses a lot of ESP single cuts which this would fit in well with. Had a good conversation with...
  15. ArchEtech

    Need help on a trade deal - 2 335 gibby for a PRS

    I have a PRS modern eagle III guitar, and had a random offer of a 1985 335 dot and a 2004 Lucille 335 as a trade for it. The 335 both have normal play wear and no issues. Seems like a pretty good deal for me, but I have never had a 335, have always liked the BB King model though. What does...
  16. ArchEtech

    FS: Fender 1960 L relic CS, PRS SC245, Explorer

    Thinning the herd PRS SC245 Mint Condition 10 top Beautiful Whale Blue (looks like faded blue jeans) 58/15 pickups case and all candy Mint Condition $2700 plus shipping Fender 1960 Custom Shop light relic Nice Lake Placid Blue with matching headstock 7.5 radius and a nice smooth dark board...
  17. ArchEtech

    NGD: Boutique Tele - Luxxtone Choppa T

    Picked this up off of reverb for less than an american standard fender, after falling in love with the finish. I'm glad I took a chance. Its called "worn fence post" and it has a texture to it just like it looks. The pickguard, knobs, and bridge are all custom fabricated by Luxxtone. The...
  18. ArchEtech

    What mods to 1959 reissues both reduce And increase value...?

    I'm looking at something that has some mods, such as a neck slimming.. Nitrocellulose lacquer cherry sunburst. hide glue, Aniline dye Vintage spec MOP 'Gibson' logo Delrin nut Upgraded pickups. At what point are you decreasing the collectability (playing aside)?
  19. ArchEtech

    68 historic custom vs. R9 which one and why?

    Since it's a buyers market, I'm looking at a couple of options for a new to me used Paul. I had a black beauty USA model and was never happy with it, and current only have one Gibby. I have a chance to pick up a 2004 R9 triburst with a very nice top, or a 68 historic Les Paul custom tobacco...
  20. ArchEtech

    NGD: PRS Porn - Modern Eagle III

    SC245 Faded Whale Blue 10 top Modern Eagle III 25th Anniversary Satin Slate - solid rosewood neck

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