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  1. vlxerdon

    Dealing with standard tuning

    All of my guitars are in perfect tune. The fact that I'm deaf in one ear and can't hear with the other has nothing to do with it.
  2. vlxerdon

    RIP Munchie

    Sorry man. I feel your pain. We just lost the guy in my avatar to congestive heart disease. he was going on 12 years old and was born in our home. Tough to lose em, friends for life.
  3. vlxerdon

    Blueberry burst

    I thought the same thing. Glad it was not just me seeing that.
  4. vlxerdon

    It's NOT "Breaking News!!!!!!!!!!!"

    I personally think all the news is broken......... So there.
  5. vlxerdon

    Fire ants

    I will have to try that one, thanks.
  6. vlxerdon

    Liverwurst is the perfect food for man or beast!

    Liverwurst and onion on rye with mayo. Now I'm hungry. Not supposed to eat after 5 PM, Diabetes.
  7. vlxerdon

    Fire ants

    I have four dogs that roam the property so any type of poison is out. I just run over the mounds with the lawn mower, they usually move after that. Wife likes to pour bleach down the mound. Either way, they stay pretty far away from the main home area. They are nasty little bastards and deserve...
  8. vlxerdon

    Is this legit?

    That guitar is really an excellent example of a Chibson. The tells are very obvious although they are getting harder to spot. I have seen newer Chibsons that are very very close.
  9. vlxerdon

    It’s finally here !

    Welcome to todays new world. Count me out !
  10. vlxerdon

    Art Appreciation

    That makes two of us. Excuse me while I go find some bleach for my mind.
  11. vlxerdon

    Strange marks near edge of top, what are they?

    Are you happy with the way the guitar sounds and plays ? If so, relax and enjoy it. Just my opinion and I don't charge for those , so take it for what it's worth.
  12. vlxerdon I not a fan of pick guards on some Les Pauls is this cheating ...

    Whatever makes your boat float. Me, I like the pick guard.
  13. vlxerdon

    Sheesh it keeps coming

    Turner classic movies. Turner, Hanoi Janes husband. I would expect nothing less from scum like that.
  14. vlxerdon

    Sheesh it keeps coming

    Could not agree more.
  15. vlxerdon

    So long ebay I’d like to say it’s been fun....

    Shame. I have been using pay pal for many years both buying and selling with no problems. I guess in 2023 when e bay is done with them ,I will be done with e bay. Oh well, life goes on.
  16. vlxerdon

    Why do we get butthurt?

    Wha...wait. This is not the real world ?????
  17. vlxerdon

    Team Fezz

    I must be a bit slow today, I missed the point of this whole thread.:sadwave:
  18. vlxerdon

    Gorilla Glue ?......seriously ??

    Oh my. The herd for sure needs thinning. I sure hope she does not teach reading comprehension.
  19. vlxerdon

    If we pooled our money...

    With your $20.00 and my $18.00 we are already ahead of the game. Lets go for it.
  20. vlxerdon

    Aliens:Did we cover this?

    That's a fact.

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