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  1. Cj_Havoc

    Epiphone Alnico Classic Pro.. The next Grail pickups???

    The Epiphone Alnico Classic Pro So I own a set of these and was digging around for information on them,as these pickups are killer and do the 73-75 Jimmy Page tone flawlessly.. After week's of research I've come to the conclusion that these are basically late 60's T-top reproductions.. even...
  2. Cj_Havoc

    Binding help

    I have a cheap Corbin lp copy, I'd like to remove the binding and leave it off and just sand everything flush,is this possible? The bindings are not super thick and are a horrible pinkish color and the bindings turn to a odd powder like state when rolling the edges, so it's practically...
  3. Cj_Havoc

    Corbin Les Paul Build/Mod

    I have recently been redoing a Corbin Les Paul..The guitar is a decent one, it's definitely not high quality or anything.. After removing the finish I found some crazy thing's going on..It has a 3 piece maple top, maple neck (which is pinkish in color) and a rubberwood back,it has a long neck...

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