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  1. Teebs76


    This thread is for the general discussion of the guitar Juniors. Please add to the discussion here.
  2. Teebs76

    Juniors, lets see 'em!!

    I know it's been done but It seems a lot of the pics have disappeared. I'll start with mine and see where it goes!
  3. Teebs76

    NGD. '58 junior DC in white!!

    Picked this up for a descent price and loving the fat neck! Bonnet knobs are in the case too.
  4. Teebs76

    Anybody know about the late '80's juniors?

    Hello, I recently got this junior in a trade. But it has some strange features. ABR1 with stoptail isn't too strange but pearloid logo on a junior? Can't find another one like it anywhere. Also has an ebony fretboard. I found a photo of a '87 on images but silkscreen logo with rosewood. Anyways...
  5. Teebs76

    '88 Junior DC.

    Hello, I just got this junior in a trade. It's a vintage sunburst DC. I know they did a ABR with stootail at this time which I like. But this one has a pearloid logo? I've never seen that on a junior before. And also an ebony fretboard. Anybody else ever see one like it?

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