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  1. dynabite

    Who here has had a vasectomy???

    I wore a suit to my vasectomy to look very impotent.:headbanger:
  2. dynabite

    A pretty cool dream I had last night

    Sounds like you screwed up a wet dream man ! :laugh2:
  3. dynabite

    My Best Joke. Prepare yourselves....

    I'll tell ya later . . :laugh2:
  4. dynabite

    2011 NHL Playoffs!

    And now for something completely different . .
  5. dynabite

    Ok here is another joke....

    What do you call a bouncer at a gay bar ? A Flame Thrower ! :laugh2:
  6. dynabite

    Nothing like a Game 7 for the Cup!

    :thumb: Boston shone tonight and the best team won. :dude:
  7. dynabite

    2011 NHL Playoffs!

    There goes $50 :laugh2: but no fat lady singing yet.
  8. dynabite

    2011 NHL Playoffs!

    2-1 Van in 3. :D
  9. dynabite

    Vagina aint handicapped

  10. dynabite

    Vagina aint handicapped

    No worries, they won't let you rot there, just burn . . :laugh2:
  11. dynabite

    Wood and Humidity

    It's not the heat, it the humility . . :laugh2:
  12. dynabite

    Vagina aint handicapped

    Go fck yerself slick :laugh2:
  13. dynabite

    What time is it where you are?

  14. dynabite


  15. dynabite

    Vagina aint handicapped

    :io: :io: Can someone make this thread go away ?
  16. dynabite

    Hey! LedZepFan!!!

    Fapanomics I believe :laugh2:
  17. dynabite

    ES-335 semi-hollowbody, In praise of...

    Now that, I've never seen ! Any pics ?? My 347 has a maple neck and volute, are you saying there were others ?

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