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    NGD: Gibson Custom Shop 1958 Painted over

    Finally the 2017 Custom Shop 1958 Black of Gold is in my hands :D Perhaps its not for everyone, but it has some personalty. Everything is aged lightly. Both the guitar and the hard case. I have had many guitars the last 6 months. Bought and sold, hoped to find the right one. Almost every time...
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    NGD - 1958 Reissue Aged VOS

    Hi, So Ive had a couple of guitars lately which I have returned and never found one that felt 100%. And Ive been waiting and looking to find a guitar but no luck. But today I was thinking to myself I better get down to our guitar store and try every piece of Gibson and buy one if I find any...
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    New 1958 incoming, help with appearance

    Hi folks :) Soon my new 58 reissue Standard VOS will land :D I'm planning on swapping the pickups. I would like your input about the appearance of the pickups. Shall I go Black or Zebra? Those are the two choices and I cant decide and need you input on what you think would have the most...
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    New Les Paul Standard 50 vs Custom Shop the custom. the reissue section

    Sorry for double post. I think I posted in the wrong section before :( Hi folks, Im just wondering if you folks can give me your opinion about the new range of Gibson USA Les Paul Standard 50's and 60's compared to the older Custom Shop models? There are so many who says Gibson has up their...
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    New Les Paul Standard 50 vs Custom Shop

    Hi folks, Im just wondering if you folks can give me your opinion about the new range of Gibson USA Les Paul Standard 50's and 60's compared to the older Custom Shop models? There are so many who says Gibson has up their production in all aspects and the new Original collection of USA Les...
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    Fragile necks

    Hi, I have to ask cause I’m hesitating on buying a new Gibson Les Paul. I’ve tried the traditional and the standards and this goes back to 2015. The finger board, the neck and the binding on the neck feels weird to me. The finger board feels thin and very fragile. Compared to my old 1992...
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    Gibson Les Paul Slash Signature USA 2008

    Hi, Up for sale is my second Gibson guitar, Gibson Les Paul Slash Signature USA 2008 Tobbacco Burst. Sounds amazing, resonant and plays very nicely. Really comfortable neck and delievers a really rock sound and bluesy sound. It sounds very loudly acousticly and the string separation is really...
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    Gibson Custom Slash Les Paul Standard VOS 2008

    Hello everybody, Its been a long time since I was logged on here. Life goes on with family and kids :) So I bought a wonderful Gibson Custom Slash Les Paul Standard VOS 2008 last week, but I do not like the neck profile, I have rather skinny small hands so I guess I have to buy a R0, again :(...
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    My NGD R0

    I just want to share my new guitar. Its an R0 in Tobbacco Burst. The weight is 8.2lbs. It is so light compared to my others I have owned that it feels like im going to break it hehe. Feels like a feather :P It isnt the best pictures, im using my iPhone :) /MuLLe
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    Amazing Les Paul Standard 1992

    HI, I just have to share this. Im so happy. I have bought a Les Paul Standard 1992 and it's just amazing. It have scratches from belt buckle and some wears and tears, but, just wow. The finish is not gloss anymore, it has faded and the Tobacco burst is stunning. The pictures doesnt give it any...
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    AFD Les Paul or Custom 68 RI

    Hi again, sorry for a new thread. I wrote in the the thread "Buying Les Paul Custom 68 RI or Les Paul Custom". But I have now a really hard choice, I will go for the AFD Slash Custom Shop :slash: I guess, but its a lot more expensive, but that isnt a surprise I guess. But since you have more...
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    Question about les paul deluxe

    Hi, I'm scratching my head. I saw an add with a lp deluxe modified with humbuckers. Does it mean it's converted to a standard? Is the only difference between a deluxe and a standard the mini humbuckers? The deluxe was made in 1980. Kindly regards Malmo
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    Buying Les Paul Custom 68 RI or Les Paul Custom

    Hello guys, Im having a hard time to choose. I dont know much, what differs between these guitars and there is not much to find on the 68 reissue made in 2001. Also the videos on youtube isnt that good on the reissue, only shredding. Anyway, I have the opportunity to buy either a Les Paul...
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    1978 Standard or R8, doublepost

    Hi all, Im sorry for making a double post. But im in a rusch hour to descide which one to choose. I have 4 hours drive to the the sellers, one is west, the other to the east and I can only pick one :) So I hope you wont get mad at me for a double post, but I would really appriciate some...
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    I need your oppinion, Custom 76

    Hi guys. I need some good oppinion. Today I have a Gibson Les Paul Classic Custom Antiqu Ebony, a special run of 400 made in 2007. But I have the opportunity to trade it to A Gibson Les Paul Custom from 1976 in Cherry Burst. Its played, I mean a really used guitar. This have really been a...
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    Modification - How to - Where to

    Hi folks :) In advance I appologise for my bad English, im from Sweden so you have to bare with me. I've read and searced the forum, found alot of nice pictures and modification. But I cant find where to mod the guitar, where to buy the best parts. To find original aged parts, or how to age...
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    Cracks in the finnish Les Paul Custom

    Hello guys :) I have the chance to buy this White Custom, its made 1993, I also have the option on the Les Paul Custom 1979 which im trying for full right now. The problem with this White Custom is that it have cracks in the finish (I spelled finnish and jimbxavier was very rude :P, had to...
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    Gibson Les Paul Custom 1979

    Hey guys. I need you expertise and it would be great if you can help me out. Today I have a Les paul VOS 58 Plaintop Tobacco burst with a 60's neck. But I also have a Gibson Les paul Custom 1979 Ebony on its way to me, it weighs about 11.1 lbs. I can only own one of these. Wich one shall I...

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