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  1. WoodyTone

    The LP I've always wanted, rare, available, can't afford it!

    Here you go (sniff, sniff). It's a beaut. If I can't have her I hope someone here can: Gibson 54 RI Les Paul Goldtop Junior Single P-90 NEW! - eBay (item 170494818392 end time Jul-03-10 06:22:03 PDT)
  2. WoodyTone

    How Randy Bachman got his '59 and on meeting Les Paul

    Don't know if you saw these interviews on the Gibby site. Great stories -- '59 is in part 1, LP is in pt 2. The Gibson Interview: Randy Bachman (Part 1) The Gibson Interview with Randy Bachman (Part 2)
  3. WoodyTone

    new amps for Les Pauls

    hey guys, had the good fortune to go to the NY/NJ Amp Show this weekend -- sick, stick stuff and an awesome time. You get to bring a guitar, and mine naturally was a Les Paul. The best stuff I found is in my blog post about it, if interested. Question I get a lot: Are these amps that much better...
  4. WoodyTone

    FS: 1996 Les Paul Classic Premium Plus Hburst

    Okay, this literally is the guitar I swore I'd never sell because I love it so much. That's why it's taken me months to post this ad. :( I still love it, but I'm GASing for about a dozen amps (!) so some high-quality gear has to go! This is a stock 1996 Gibson Les Paul Classic Premium Plus...
  5. WoodyTone

    Ace's black LP Custom -- new pic?

    New I believe? wallpaper: Ace Frehley's Gibson Les Paul Custom wallpaper
  6. WoodyTone

    Anyone want to make some extra $?

    Hey guys -- My company is looking for a couple people who know rock music equipment (primarily guitars and amps, also drums, bass and sound) for text data entry. Figured I'd check here.... Note that this is not employment -- strictly freelance so no benefits, paying taxes are up to you, etc...
  7. WoodyTone

    Has anyone sanded off the finish?

    My current fave LP is a 1980 LP Standard that has been around the block about 100x. Any finish it still has is on the top. The back and neck are basically wood -- and it sounds killer. We've all heard or read the stories about how older guitars sound better because the finish has worn off so...
  8. WoodyTone

    Crimson Red Sparkle lester

    Never seen one of these before -- I dig it! Gibson Gibson Les Paul "CRIMSON RED SPARKLE" Limited Edition 2000 USA Model, Crimson Red Sparkle with Gold - -
  9. WoodyTone

    Bonamassa on CAB LP, pickups, strings, amps

    Hey guys -- Got the oppty to interview Joe yesterday, posted a 2-parter on my blog (too long for 1) -- all stuff I have not read about elsewhere. FYI for fans and the curious. BostonGuitar if you read this I credited you and for the photos in part 2, which were shweet! Best photos of...
  10. WoodyTone

    Ace Frehley fans -- watched the instructional DVD...

    Very cool, especially to watch him play Shock Me close up. Felt almost like I had the front-row ticket I always wanted.... He played the prototype blue sparkle LP throughout -- the more I see that guitar, the more I like it (JimmyAce, can we get Gibby to do a limited run...!). Full...
  11. WoodyTone

    Lesters at GC Hollywood (pics)

    Was there 2 weeks ago, shot these pics (apologies on quality). I was with a friend and his daughter who are not players, so it was semi-rushed -- meaning I only played one guitar, an old LP Custom. Enjoy! (PS, the GT is a Bonamassa) This was my 2nd favorite A lot for a Bud...
  12. WoodyTone

    Rant about guitar mags and treatment of Ace

    Too long for here, but Ace fans may enjoy/agree/disagree. At my blog: WoodyTone! - Rant: Where the F Was the Ace Frehley Cover?
  13. WoodyTone

    All available info on Slash's new pickups

    Here you go, from my blog. Sounds like he needed them because his newer Les Pauls don't make the tone cut.... If anyone has more detail, pls let me know! WoodyTone! - Some Details On the New Slash Pickups!
  14. WoodyTone

    New Slash Lester, pickups and...Marshall

    From Slash's recent blog entry FYI: "I'll be at the NAMM show next year announcing the New "Slash model" Marshall, as well as a new signature Les Paul & a signature set of Seymour Duncan pick ups, all of which will be available early in the new year." Slash's MySpace Blog |
  15. WoodyTone

    Bruce Kulick's '53 conversion LP

    Don't know if you guys have been perusing my blog lately, but I had the oppty to talk to Bruce Kulick about his new album BK3 (fellow Ace forum guys, I hope to be talking to Ace in January). Turns out his #1 geetar is an OLD Lester. Here's what he said about it, for your enjoyment. Links to...
  16. WoodyTone

    FS: Plexi head, 4x12 G12H30s, Fender American Roadhouse Strat

    My son is big-time into the drums so...some of Dad's stuff has to go :( Also listed on Clist, thinking about eBay for the Strat which is OOP and now rare. Amazing-sounding guitar, but.... I live in western NJ about 50 mins from NYC, 20 mins from the PA border. I would prefer if at all...
  17. WoodyTone

    Fake or real?

    Headstock odd? Cheap!! Real!! Gibson Les Paul Std. - $850 - eBay (item 250543503822 end time Dec-15-09 18:55:14 PST)
  18. WoodyTone

    Anyone ever heard of a Mushroom LP clone?

    Made in Japan? Coin for a copy! Mushroom '60 LP guitar (w/ old Tokai / Greco hardcase?) - eBay (item 320457574470 end time Dec-10-09 05:41:11 PST)
  19. WoodyTone

    Cool vintage vs. Heritage gold top shootout article

    And away we go: Vintage Guitar® magazine : Features :
  20. WoodyTone

    Anyone seen a blue LP like this before?

    Was new to me: Gibson Custom Shop Class 5 Les Paul -- Blue Flame Top - eBay (item 220518926124 end time Dec-02-09 17:11:15 PST)

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