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  1. axslinger

    Need Multi-FX Input

    Hey all, I've decided to simplify my rig. I'm tired of dealing with my full-blown pedal board and am looking at products in the Boss ME-80/Digitech RP500 price range. I'd like to hear from people with experience with both of these products. Here's my list of priorities: 1) Usable...
  2. axslinger

    Vocalist and Drummer rant...

    Hey all, haven't been here for a while but thought some fellow guitar players might be able to sympathize. My bass player and I have been trying to put a Southern Rock project together for a while now. We focus on Molly Hatchet, Skynyrd, Outlaws, etc. We're detail oriented and we don't play...
  3. axslinger

    FS: THD Flexi-50

    The name speaks for itself. The amp is in excellent condition with few, if any cosmetic flaws. Included is the padded case but NOT the foot switch. Currently the amp has JJ's EL34L power tubes. I'm asking $850 + Shipping/Insurance.
  4. axslinger

    Need a "tight" 2x12

    I've played my Flexi-50 through a number of cabs... Avatar 2x12 w/Eminence Legend's, Marshall 4x12 1960A, Krank 4x12 and a Mesa/Boogie 4x12 slated cab. The Flexi-50 seems to prefer a "tight" cabinet. The Mesa/Boogie cab was the best sounding cab I've played it through. The problem is, I...
  5. axslinger

    Help, I trashed a Black Widow!

    So I decided to pull the Black Widows from my Deuce and put them in my Avatar, as an experiment. Got the bolts out, went to pull the speaker out and the face of the speaker was bonded to the front baffle! I separated the speaker cone from the frame and trashed the speaker. I guess I should...
  6. axslinger

    Anybody ever put Peavey Black Widows in a cab?

    I have a Peavey Deuce that I don't use. It works but it's just too heavy to move so it sits in my music room. I also have a THD Flexi-50 that I run through a 2x12 Avatar with Eminence Legends. The Legends aren't terrible but that cab seems to really lack any "oomph" bottom end. I've...
  7. axslinger

    SG Mods

    I hear a lot about people modding their LPs but not much about the SGs. Anybody convert their SG to 50's wiring? Swap caps? Different bridge/tailpiece? Replace the tuners? Lets talk SG mods! As a side note, I was pleasantly surprised to see the wiring in my new SG doesn't have the PC...
  8. axslinger

    Need Opinion on pickup placement

    Hi, For no particular reason, I noticed that the string spacing on my neck pickup seemed a bit off. I'd like the opinion of ya'll on whether this is normal or acceptable. This is a brand new guitar with stock pickups. Take a look at the high E string placement. And no, it has nothing to...
  9. axslinger

    WTB: THD Flexi-50 Footswitch

    I purchased my Flexi-50 used and it didn't come with the footswitch. I'm looking for an original or one that is compatible. Thanks, Ax
  10. axslinger

    Question about SG Pickup Placement

    Ok, way back when, I had a 78' Walnut SG and the neck pickup was tight against the neck. My new SG has the neck pickup further from the neck with that black piece in there. I'm not much of an SG history buff so who can tell me why they did that? I think it looked better with the pickup right...
  11. axslinger

    SG's and flipping the saddles

    Anybody else have to flip any of the bridge saddles to get their SG to intonate properly? My low E string saddle is all the way back and still not quite in tune. I know it's common on Les Paul's but I haven't owned an SG in decades. ax
  12. axslinger

    NGD - SG Heritage Cherry

    I had reached the conclusion about a week ago that I was never going to bond with the neck on my LP. I've tried for the last 5 years and it just wasn't happening. It's too wide and it was becoming more and more difficult to play cleanly. I stopped by the local GC to check out a 60's neck...
  13. axslinger

    57's vs. BB's in a SG

    I'm currently shopping for a new SG. I'm going to be playing a few, but I'd like to hear a "Cliff's Notes" version of the difference between the 57's and the BB 1 and 3. I'm finding SG Standards from various sources...some have the BB-1 and BB-3 with coil tapping and some have the 57's...
  14. axslinger

    Jumping Ship!

    I've been a fan of the Les Paul since I was 13 years old. The first one I ever saw was a black Custom being played at a high school dance. There is no other tone like a Les Paul...even the copies don't even come close. However; as I get older, (I'm a ripe old 52) I find myself fighting harder...
  15. axslinger

    FS: 2007 LP Standard - GOTW #34

    I didn't think I would ever sell this guitar but I just can't bond with the neck profile. I play my Korean Dillion and I can play clean and effortlessly; I pick up this guitar, and I have to fight it due to my small-ish hands. The guitar has a little history behind it; first, it is a 2007...
  16. axslinger

    Need a 16 Ohm Hot Plate - Trade?

    Looking for a 16 Ohm THD Hot Plate... I have a few pedals I would trade for one. Digitech Harmony Man in excellent condition Fryette SAS tube-based overdrive Visual Sound Jekyl & Hyde HBE UnoMOS clean boost Take em all if interested...I might even throw in some cash...I really need a...
  17. axslinger

    Poor vibrato

    I've never had good control of my vibrato. I can only go upwards when doing vibrato, not downward. It feels too awkward and I can't get any speed up. My question is, at 52 years old, is it possible to develop a nice vibrato with a little work or is it one of those things that come naturally...
  18. axslinger

    NPD: Joyo Vintage Overdrive

    After reading about these pedals here and on youtube, I decided to check one out. I don't have clips yet but spent about an hour with it and these are my impressions. I plugged in my LP with a DiMarzio 36th anniversary in the bridge an a Manilishi in the neck. I also ran it through it's...
  19. axslinger

    35 Years Ago Today....

    ...the Freebird fell to the ground. RIP Ronnie, Steve, Cassie, Dean and those we have lost since. Lynyrd Skynyrd - Free Bird - YouTube
  20. axslinger

    Anyone here with security clearance?

    I'm applying for a job and have to fill out the 127-page SF86. How long does the process take? Who will actually be contacted?

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