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  1. Victek

    Sandblasted PRS SE Eye Candy?

    That's one way to make a
  2. Victek

    Sandblasted PRS SE Eye Candy?

    They're not my cup of tea either, but I kind of like that each one is unique instead of the typical veneer. As for resale value, that's hard to predict in general don't you think? Buying guitars with an eye on their resale value is a crap shoot.
  3. Victek

    NGD: ES-335 Pro II

    I've had a couple over the years and agree they're an excellent value. Frankly in terms of playability I couldn't feel much difference between the Epi and the Gibson.
  4. Victek

    NGD - PRS Custom 24 SE

    Nice looking guitar! Is that the Zebrawood top? I have a couple of Custom 24 SEs. Mine stay in tune well as long as I don't use the whammy bar. I blocked the bridge on one which worked well to stabilize the tuning. I use Ernie Ball Super Slinky 9s and don't have a problem with the strings...
  5. Victek

    GAS success stories

    Whether or not buying guitars is satisfying depends on expectations. It can be fun, but as you say it's not a substitute for family, etc. I went through a period where I bought and sold quite a few guitars. Eventually I lost interest and now I just have a few that meet my needs.
  6. Victek

    NPD Clone of Tone

    Thanks, I found it here:
  7. Victek

    NPD Clone of Tone

    Is this available on the internet?
  8. Victek

    NPD: Crowther Double Hot Cake

    It does sound good here:
  9. Victek

    NEW__Epiphone DC PRO

    DC 50? Which guitar is that?
  10. Victek

    James Macdonald Art Guitars new work 2019

    Yeah, this is cool stuff. I'm looking forward to seeing pics of the assembled guitars.
  11. Victek

    NGD Epiphone DC Pro!

    Agreed it's a nice looking top :thumb: Regarding the 23rd and 24th frets, do you actually play that high up on the neck? For most of my guitar playing years I had 22 fret guitars (ES 335 style) and never felt restricted. I've got a 24 fret guitar now and the notes get pretty thin at the very...
  12. Victek

    NEW__Epiphone DC PRO

    Nice pics. I like the fingerboard inlays too :yesway:
  13. Victek

    On Floor Audio Tube Boost Overdrive.

    Onfloor Audio Tube Boost Plus OD
  14. Victek

    TC Electronic Dark Matter Distortion

    At lower gain settings it's "overdrive" to my ears.
  15. Victek

    TC Electronic Dark Matter Distortion

    I have one. I like the separate bass and treble controls plus it has lots of gain. It takes a 9v battery and has a nice, dark metal flake finish.
  16. Victek

    NEW__Epiphone DC PRO

    What I do is order from Guitar Center with "in store pickup". That way I can unbox and play the guitar in the local store, and if there's something wrong or I just don't like it I can return it immediately. FYI they are listed on the GC site now...
  17. Victek

    NEW__Epiphone DC PRO

    Here's a possible solution ;)
  18. Victek

    NEW__Epiphone DC PRO

    Does that much matter? My PRS SE Custom 24 has a beveled lower horn to help with getting at the 23rd & 24th frets, but I wouldn't describe it as easy or comfortable. Are there guitar designs that are better in this respect, and does anyone care if they can't easily play on the 24th fret?
  19. Victek

    NEW__Epiphone DC PRO

    What don't you like about a 24 fret neck?
  20. Victek

    NEW__Epiphone DC PRO

    The Mojave Fade would be my first choice too. I look forward to your impressions :)

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