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  1. ClarkyZeppelin

    String gauge

    Heya! As I'm buying my first R7 Black Beauty I would need to know how does their neck like/dislike heavy string gauges? I'm used to and using 12-62 NYXL on my six strings (will add the tuning I'm using later when I get home) but I wouldn't want to ruin my new beauty. Is this way too heavy for...
  2. ClarkyZeppelin

    I need advice. Buying my first Black Beauty.

    Heya! Hope you guys are all healthy and safe! So I'm preparing to buy my first Gibson. I've been craving one since I was like 6 and saw Steve Clark and Jimmy Page with awesome black Les Pauls with three pickups. To this day, 20 years later the Black Beauty is still my favourite guitar ever...

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