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  1. wholelottaburst

    NGD: CR4

    She's a 2008. 7lbs 8oz of gold magic. Superb! Absolutely zero fret wear. Probably the strings were the same set from the factory. I put on EB Cobalt 10's and the intonation is astoundingly close. Even the G string. Logarithmic pots, so even taper from 8.75 to 0. From 8.75 to 10 there's no...
  2. wholelottaburst

    WTB CR6

    please PM thanks
  3. wholelottaburst

    TR Crandall Guitars: WTF?!

    UPDATE: 2-19-21 Just so you don't have to read the entire thread - TR Crandall, in the person of Alex Whitman, and I came to a successful, amicable conclusion. I am satisfied and appreciate the good communication between Alex and myself. I'm not accusing TR Crandall of dishonesty, only of...
  4. wholelottaburst

    So... What *is* it worth?

  5. wholelottaburst

    SOLD T Jauernig GRISTLE KING signed by Greg Koch (rhymes with 'chalk')

    Like new Was $200 NOW: $150 shipped : you cover the PP fee of about $6.50. Hey! I'm paying for shipping. NO TRADES. The fabulous Gristle King! OD and Clean Boost in one easy to dial-in pedal. This one is signed by the monstrous Greg Koch (rhymes with 'chalk'). In original box with...
  6. wholelottaburst

    Sold Pending Payment: c.1967 Gretsch 6154 Super Bass Amplifier $300 + shipping

    $300 + shipping. NO TRADES, please. Really I'm selling some things just to make room in my studio. I'm not really trying to make anything on these items, so feel free to make me an offer. :cool: Perfect working condition with some cosmetic issues, the most notable being the missing...
  7. wholelottaburst

    FS: SOLD! Epiphone SG 2006 w/OHSC

    Very clean - one tiny mark on the top and some small scratches on the back. All the electronics are original, original Grover tuners. Set up with 10s. Not as sleek as a Gibson SG but has the tone and is easy to play. With the Epiphone hardshell case. $260 PP'd and Shipped. pics here...
  8. wholelottaburst

    SOLD Boss RC-500 Looper - Brand New In The Box

    I got an extra RC-500 I'd like to pass on to a Forum member. This is an excellent looper with up to 99 user memories, usable Drum parts with variations and great fidelity. You can loop and overdub for practice or composing and find rhythm parts that will help flesh out ideas. I use mine...
  9. wholelottaburst

    Current Value?

    What would be a fair price for this 2007 CR8? with original case, coa and candy.
  10. wholelottaburst

    W T B: CR9 & CR6

    Please PM if you have one, or know of one available. Thanks much!
  11. wholelottaburst

    SOLD: 2008 Epiphone Les Paul Custom Body & Electronics Only No Pickups

    No Trades! $100 + shipping. Body and electronics only. No pickups. No case or gig bag. Paint is chipped on the neck along the fretboard (see pics). There's no separation between neck and fretboard. Guitar plays great. .810 @ 1st; .930 @ 12th fret. 8lbs 8oz with no pickups. Setup with Ernie Ball...
  12. wholelottaburst

    SOLD 2020 Fender '52 Tele Custom Shop Relic *6lbs 9oz*

    Asking $2900 shipped. PM me here or please click over to TGP for the post. Or the reverb listing which has more pics. Thanks!
  13. wholelottaburst

    '57 LP Custom I came across this one on the gear page. Wow!
  14. wholelottaburst


    Please PM if you have, or know of, one available. Thanks very much!
  15. wholelottaburst

    NGD 2012 CR8

    Low serial 2012 CR8
  16. wholelottaburst

    How Much Is a COA Worth?

    Question: If you're considering selling a Custom Shop Historic Reissue how much of a hit on the price will you take if there's no COA? And if you're the prospective buyer should you be concerned with a significantly lower resale value if you can't provide a COA with the guitar if you decide at...
  17. wholelottaburst

    FS: 1952 1st Issue Les Paul Goldtop

    with OHSC Pictures (click to expand): $16500 or best offer Wire transfer or Paypal; buyer to pay PP fees. Questions/Offers email [email protected] or call 505 three 1 zero 1 two 8 eight thanks
  18. wholelottaburst

    ::::FS 2005 Les Paul Supreme $2100 OBO::::

    $2100 OBO + PP fees ship'd FedEx Home Delivery. No Trades, please 2014 R8 on the way, so this beautiful Supreme has to find a new home. Gorgeous top and back Real Ebony Fretboard Plays like a dream. You can set it up for super-low action: no buzzes Zero fret wear Great woody, spanky Les Paul...
  19. wholelottaburst

    >>SOLD 2007 Gibson ES-339 w/Bigsby<<

    SOLD $1180 obo pp'd, ship'd FedEx Home Delivery No trades, please With Original Gibson Custom Shop hard case First year of manufacture, I'm the original owner. This was my gigging guitar in 2007 and 2008, so it's been a workhorse and shows it. The neck is straight, it plays in tune and...
  20. wholelottaburst

    '52 Les Paul Goldtop *Serious Lookers Only*

    I noticed a 7 year old FS post for a '52 had been revived and was reading the comments on that post about the current value of a '52 Les Paul as opposed to what the seller was asking for it. Here is my '52, one of the first hundred or so made, with it's original case and original, signed by...

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