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  1. ClarkyZeppelin

    What would your wife do with your Les Paul(s) if you died?

    Luckily my "to be wife" is totally on board with my addiction/sickness so when I die, she'll probably just hang them on the walls of our house and never ever sell them for any amount. Maybe she would try and play them from time to time as she is already interested in playing the bass just for...
  2. ClarkyZeppelin

    String gauge

    Yeah I'm going to let the custom shop set it all up but was just wondering if I should even put such heavy gauges on. My tuning I use most: C#/F#/B/E/Ab/C# Thanks for the info!
  3. ClarkyZeppelin

    String gauge

    Heya! As I'm buying my first R7 Black Beauty I would need to know how does their neck like/dislike heavy string gauges? I'm used to and using 12-62 NYXL on my six strings (will add the tuning I'm using later when I get home) but I wouldn't want to ruin my new beauty. Is this way too heavy for...
  4. ClarkyZeppelin

    I need advice. Buying my first Black Beauty.

    Thank you everyone for the great insight and warm welcomes, great to a part of the forum! I'm in talks with one seller about a 2018 57' Reissue and waiting for him to respond. Price was 7000 euros but it's in Ukraine so I would also have to pay tax in which I'm not really interested in. Same...
  5. ClarkyZeppelin

    I need advice. Buying my first Black Beauty.

    Heya! Hope you guys are all healthy and safe! So I'm preparing to buy my first Gibson. I've been craving one since I was like 6 and saw Steve Clark and Jimmy Page with awesome black Les Pauls with three pickups. To this day, 20 years later the Black Beauty is still my favourite guitar ever...

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