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  1. dynabite

    The Strangest Thing . .

    I need some opinions from the pros here. I just completed an in depth study on guitar scaling, wondering why they're all different - 24 3/4 , 25 1/5 and all that. I discovered something called "String Bias". There's 2 trains running on the string when plucked - the steel of the string...
  2. dynabite

    Jeff Beck Tries to Buy My Les Paul ?

    Binky Philips: Jeff Beck Tries to Buy My Les Paul :dude: "Last week, I described the greatest purchase of my life ...Rick Derringer's 1958 tobacco sunburst Gibson Les Paul. Working two jobs and saving money for over a year, I paid $650 on May 2nd, 1972, for a guitar now worth six figures...
  3. dynabite

    Kee Marcello

    Great chops here , the Bumblebee is killer.
  4. dynabite

    ngd '96 Studio

    Just got this '96 Wine Red, $500 locally. They sure do sound different than the reg. Les Paul line, can't stop playing it. :laugh2:
  5. dynabite

    IAEA 'concerned' Iran working on nuclear weapon

    IAEA 'concerned' Iran working on nuclear weapon By Simon Morgan (AFP) VIENNA — The UN atomic watchdog is concerned that its information about Iran's nuclear activities suggests Tehran may be working on a nuclear warhead, according to a restricted report obtained by AFP Thursday. "The...
  6. dynabite

    Steve Miller guitar

    As many here know, Steve Miller was taught by the master himself, Les Paul. In the early 70's he put out an album called Rock Love which to this day is highly unknown to Miller fans world wide. On this record was a track called Blues Without Blame, does anyone know what guitar he was playing on...
  7. dynabite

    Lil' Dave Thompson dies in accident

    Veteran blues artist Lil' Dave Thompson died in a highway automobile accident near Augusta , Ga., while on his way home from Charleston to Greenville, Miss. Blues artist Lil' Dave Thompson dies in accident | Pulse | Charleston City Paper
  8. dynabite

    John Norum Guitar Solos

    What happened to this guy, he was pretty good.
  9. dynabite

    NGD - A Perfect Pair !

    Larrivee RS-4's Just arrived in P-90 heaven. Tonepros locking - full RS w/luxe - RWRP neck - Schaller M-10 tuners and locks - AAAAA top Lollar Imperials on the charcoal - ALL FACTORY !
  10. dynabite

    James Gurley, innovative guitarist for Joplin’s Big Brother band, dead at 69

    Who ? j/k - never really knew his name but loved his tone, Gurley was hailed by many as the original innovator of the San Francisco psychedelic sound. RIP James.
  11. dynabite

    Natural Pair

    Santa left something under the tree - a '78 Kali ES 347 #105 :D
  12. dynabite

    Henry's reign.

    "He should be in a straight jacket rather than in charge. Truly the most despicable person I have ever met, and the most unprofessional and simply mean person I have ever worked with. There may be something he is good at (maybe pulling wings off flies), but running Gibson is not it. What is...
  13. dynabite

    Stereo Mod

    Started with this: Added a stereo jack and and a 4" piece of shielded wire (pink) from the neck vol. pot output lug to the ring lug of the jack: In true stereo mode the selector switch must be in the bridge position and the dependent wiring becomes independent. Interesting mod with a...
  14. dynabite

    Ngd - Larrivee RS-4

    New Rootbeer Burst in the house !
  15. dynabite

    NGD - '52 Hotrod

    Just arrived, nitro finish and tweed case full of unopened case candy. Old style dual saddles are now staggered for perfect intonation.
  16. dynabite

    Tony Iommi Custom SG

    Just saw this on Egay, claimed to be a factory 2nd. There's no TIXXX serial, it looks like 056555 usa model serial stamped on headstock , also bridge angle looks off ? Gibson Tony Iommi Custom Shop SG employee Guitar 1/1 NR on (item 110444768362 end time 18-Oct-09 17:56:22 EDT)
  17. dynabite

    History of the Electric Guitar

    Electric lap steel guitars without sounding boards are considered to be solid-body instruments by some authorities, and not by others. This has a major effect on some claims of historical priority, as they predate the first models of solid-body electric guitar, which may otherwise be claimed to...
  18. dynabite

    Hans Christian Ørsted gets Google Doodled

    Hans Christian Ørsted Hans Christian Ørsted gets Google Doodled Thanks to Google, hundreds of millions of people are today celebrating Hans Christian Ørsted's birthday without having much of a clue who he is … so who exactly was he? Hans Christian Ørsted gets Google...
  19. dynabite

    1999 Bursts

    :D Radio Jupiter Central - Decametric Noise Storms
  20. dynabite

    Sound and Color

    Is there really an analogy ?

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