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    PSA - Throbak MXV 20% Off Until 11/30

    Just got a promo email from Throbak. I love my ReWinds so won’t be jumping on this, but if you’ve ever wanted to try the MXV’s, this’ll save you over $100 on a new pair.
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    A Story of Thievery and Retrieval

    Today was an interesting day, but this story had a happy ending so I thought you all might appreciate it. There’s a martial arts school I train at; been hitting several mornings during the week with my friends. Rode over on my bike like normal this AM, got coffees for me and my coach, locked...
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    Reverb Deal Gone Awry

    This was a fun way to roll through my Friday. I ordered this guitar last week on Reverb as an early b-day present to myself. It was described in the ad as having minor wear and tear that was barely noticeable. It was noted the guitar played great. In hindsight, this two sentence description...
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    Motorcyclist in Florida killed by... lightning

    I find it scary enough riding with all the knuckleheads changing the radio station while stuffing their faces with a meatball sub and texting or surfing the web on their phone. Imagine avoiding all of that and meeting your maker by way of the atmospheric electric bullwhip. No thanks. :shock...
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    Zr. King Album - Releasing A New Record & Independent Promotion Planning

    My band is releasing a new record in May, and as we work towards that we're promoting single launches and doing as much press as we can to build excitement. It's a difficult (and kind of weird) thing, trying to figure out how to do all this stuff yourself. I thought I'd make a thread about it...
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    NGD (unexpectedly x2) - Ibanez RG Shredder Content

    Recently I fell down an Ibanez rabbit hole. I had a beat to shit RG570 when I was much younger that I stupidly sold away. I didn’t like the middle pickup - back then I lusted after the RG520, the dual HB model. I haven’t really thought about Ibanez guitars in many years, but lately I've been...
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    Another NPD: Friedman BE-OD Pedal

    Received the Friedman pedal I bought from @freebyrd 69 via the member classifieds last week (thanks again dude!) and was able to use it at rehearsal yesterday. First impression: WHOA. There is a hell of a lot of gain on tap and the controls are really laser focused. I’m gonna need to...
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    Guys in bands - what's your drummer like?

    Going through videos from my band's last show, this clip of my drummer jumped out at me. Got me thinking about how much he influences the way I play; he's insanely proficient and can count circles around everyone, but never falls out of time. We write songs that have a lot of breaks/stops -...
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    WTT - EMG 81 for EMG 60 or 85

    I have an EMG 81 with the quick connect - hoping for a straight trade for a 60 or 85 with the same. Might also be open to purchasing, depends on price. Who has a 60 or 85 in their parts drawer? :dude: Many great deals here before, and I have a Reverb account with all positive feedback. Thanks!
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    NCD - Marshall 1960AV

    A bit belated, but it’s been a long time since I had a 4x12 at my rehearsal space and when I picked up my Marshall Slash Jubilee off the classifieds here several months back I started jonesing for a proper half stack. I’m not a fan of the GT75 speakers in the standard Marshall cabs and love...
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    Removing paint from grill cloth...a trick I just learned

    I have a Soldano 4x12 that in my early twenties I thought would look cooler with a Woody Guthrie quote painted on it. Oh to be young and stupid again. :facepalm: I decided I wanted to go back to a stock look, and emailed Soldano to find out about buying either a replacement grill or the...
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    My Band’s New Album - A Listening Experiment

    I just got the masters back for my band’s next release. Since we’re guitar players here and some of you dudes are also in killer original rock’n’roll bands fighting the good fight (@rxbandit - I’m lookin’ at you brother, CITRA deserves to explode), I thought it’d be cool to do a listening...
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    2001 Tobacco Sunburst Les Paul Standard

    $1600 shipped/PP CONUS. 2001 Tobacco Sunburst Les Paul Standard. RS Guitarworks 50's style wiring, ungraded potentiometers & caps. Pickups are a custom wind I had made for me. I have some Gibson pickups I will drop in - need to check the model. I have a lot of pickups in my parts bin; if you...
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    eBay seller sent me a guitar in case...No box...

    This might belong in the Other Guitars section – but I figured my Backstage bros might have some well thought out advice for the situation I’m in. I bought a guitar on eBay, one that you can’t get in the US but can import new from Japan – an Edwards Explorer. The guy I bought it from had it...
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    The Billy Gibbons Ultimate SG. Only available at...Neiman Marcus?

    And it's not even April 1st. Billy Gibbons Ultimate SG There's two others also. Only $30K. Texas Trio at Neiman Marcus.
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    Callaham ABR-1 Bridge for Historics

    Callaham ABR-1 Bridge for Historics I'm cleaning house. Here's a Callaham ABR bridge, never installed, saddles un-notched. Comes with thumbwheels, #6-32 stainless studs (vintage style), and small Allen key. This is another piece of the hardware that was supposed to be used in my Moderne...
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    MHD Pickups Custom Humbucker Set w Nickel Covers

    MHD Pickups Custom Humbucker Set I'm cleaning house. Some of you might remember captcoolaid/Rayne, who ran Mad House Designs (MHD) pickups back in the day. He wound a mean set. These are from 2011. A custom hot PAF style set, 8.2k bridge and 8.0k neck. Zebra bobbins under the (never...
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    2008 Gibson Les Paul Standard Faded (CV Guitars/Corsa "Peter Green" Modified)

    I'm on the fence about this one, since I know I'm going to regret it if this sells, but lust for other guitars is making me consider letting this one go. Asking $2K shipped CONUS w/ PP. If the buyer wants to use PP gift or a money order I can knock the price down some. Check my feedback...
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    1967 Gibson SG Special, player condition

    This is a 1967 Gibson SG Special I bought from our resident vintage SG aficionado Kevin James back in early 2012. Considering the condition, I’m asking $1750 shipped CONUS w/ PP. If the buyer wants to use PP gift or a money order I can knock the price down some. Check my feedback history...
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    Sheptone Custom Aged PAF Set

    This is one of my favorite pickup sets, an AB Custom bridge & Blue Sky neck combo from Sheptone. These are his fully aged offering w/ aged nickel covers, tops and baseplates, markings and PAF stickers. These lived in one of my main Les Pauls for a bit and I worked them out live, so there is...

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