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  1. garybaldy

    Tone riders and creamery pickups

    If anyone's still interested I've recently installed TR AIVs in a Fenix LPC copy. They are truly wonderful. Also I have Creamery vintage style fb in my Tokai fb. They were in it when I bought it. I swapped their positions as the bridge was really bright and neck very fat sounding. It was a...
  2. garybaldy

    The First Carved (Arched) Top Solid Guitar.

    Whilst watching Rick Beato with his beautiful pale blue Les Paul I decided to Google this thread title. Got no immediate appropriate links so does anyone know? Was it the LP? Cheers.
  3. garybaldy

    The Misleading Nature of DC Resistance in Regard to Pickup Coils

    Thanks. Your input is always interesting and educational. Thinking about it, it was a bit of a stupid question, sorry. Also I didn't consider the fact that Gibson would be using machines back then. I hope the A3 is a good one. May be I should ask the winder the source. The pickup is £75 and I...
  4. garybaldy

    The Misleading Nature of DC Resistance in Regard to Pickup Coils

    Opinion if you don't mind pls. I'm soon to receive a handwound UK made Dogear P90. It's A3, unpotted , 42awg enamelled wire and nickel silver baseplate, 7.2K. It's supposed to be like the late 40s ones. It's for a laminated jazz box. Do you think it'll cut the mustard? Cheers
  5. garybaldy

    Burstbuckers vs 57 classics

    Ii have always like my 2004 LPS with BB Pros until I got some Tonerider AIVs.
  6. garybaldy

    Yet another pickup recommendation thread....

    I bought a Generator a while ago. That's good, a bit like an SDJB.
  7. garybaldy

    Yet another pickup recommendation thread....

    You have to go for them!!!!! I've had some (Gold covers) for a couple of years and in lockdown finally got them installed in a Fenix Alpine White LP style guitar. Used 2 old Russian PIO from Jonesy and used 4 p/ps for split and each pup with coils in parallel. The tones are awesome. The splits...
  8. garybaldy

    Broke a push/pull pot on my Florentine Pro

    I've wrecked normal pots where the knob has been impossible to remove. Also recently I thought I'd fried the switch on a p/p. I completely renewed a harness with 4 p/ps - two for split and two for parallel coils for each pup. When all was back together the neck vol. p/p wouldn't pull. With brute...
  9. garybaldy

    Epiphone Serial No. Query

    Got it yesterday!
  10. garybaldy

    Epiphone Serial No. Query

    Thanks Dr. That was my interpretation but a guess. I'm going to see it today. The JP pg is missing and JP TRC has been replaced with a blank. The guy wants £350 ($457 ?). Comes with a HSC which looks a little tatty. Cheers.
  11. garybaldy

    Very best pickups you've ever heard or played.

    I've just installed some Tonerider A4s in a LP style guitar. They are truly awesome.
  12. garybaldy

    Epiphone Serial No. Query

    Hi I searched a data base and it didn't recognise this serial number. S9206668 Also some web pages say the 9 is the year and the 06 the month, so what is the 2? Any help gratefully received. TIA.
  13. garybaldy

    Firebird Replacement Pickups

    I have a Tokai FB which has aftermarket (not by me) Creamery FB minis. The bridge is A5 with higher DCR and neck is A2 with lower DCR. I've swapped them over, jacked up the A2 now in the bridge and dropped the A5 now in the neck. It's made a world of difference and smoothed the sound out. No...
  14. garybaldy

    Who loves playing their Les Paul mellow and clean?

    You can never have too many P90s!
  15. garybaldy

    Who loves playing their Les Paul mellow and clean?

    490s are great pickups.
  16. garybaldy

    Good Bad and Ugly

    I'm afraid my 2013 model SGJ knocks spots of my 2004 LPS.
  17. garybaldy

    Who else has a fender twin?

    I have the 2002 Twin Amp which is gorgeously clean. Unfortunately exceptionally heavy for me nowadays especially with the Jensen upgrade.
  18. garybaldy

    Cleaning up the mud on a 490R

    Interesting, you could be right. I've never used any other 490s to compare.
  19. garybaldy

    Acoustic pickups vs electric and can you mix the two?

    I have read that to get the best out of a piezo you need a pre amp with a very high input impedance eg 10 Meg ohms

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