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  1. treyrab

    FSOT: PRS Custom 24-08 Wood Library 10-Top

    Hi All - I have decided to sell my PRS Custom 24-08 Wood Library (10-Top) in River Blue finish. The guitar is in mint condition (barely played) and has one of the most 3D maple tops I have ever seen on one of these. Note that as the guitar has Brazilian Rosewood, I will only ship this within the...
  2. treyrab

    FS: 1960 Gibson Country Western Acoustic (Mint with Tags)

    HI All - I am selling my 1960 Gibson Country Western. It is mint with tags. Never had any cracks or braces re-glued. Everything is original including the bridge and saddle. I am asking 5750 OBO and will cover overnight shipping. Cheers!
  3. treyrab

    FS: 1964 Fender Mustang (Mint, One-Owner, Flame Neck)

    Hi Everyone - This is an all-original, first-year (Pre-CBS) Fender Mustang that just came from the original owner in Utah. Fender first shipped these in July 1964. This is from September 1964. Everything is original and very clean (including the brown/tweed case). It has the original un-faded...
  4. treyrab

    FS: Dave Johnson Single Cut (Hand-Built) 2005, Brazilian

    I'm selling a 2005 Dave Johnson Single Cut. This was an early hand-build by Dave using, not just a makeover, using (in his words) "old Brazilian Rosewood, Honduran Mahogany, hide glue construction, and vintage truss rod". I acquired this as part of a larger collection from a collector who...
  5. treyrab

    FS: 1963 Gibson ES-335 (Vintage)

    Hi All - I recently acquired this 1963 ES-335 from the gentlemen in the second to last picture below (photo was taken in 1969). He had it since 1967, until I acquired it earlier this year. It is a good one. The only thing to note is that he added Grover tuners to it. It has no extra holes, and...
  6. treyrab

    FSOT: 2006 Fender Nocaster 1951 Custom Shop Reissue Tele (Mint, 6.8lbs)

    Hi All - Since I was fortunate enough to buy a real Blackguard Telecaster, I am selling (or trading) my 1951 Custom Shop Reissue Nocaster. About the Nocaster: It is a 2006, "like-new" unplayed condition. Only 6.8lbs. Large, flame-maple neck. Comes with an original HSC and all the case-candy...
  7. treyrab

    FS: 1958 Gibson ES - Mint Condition, Original Lifton Hardshell Case

    I am selling an original 1958 Gibson ES-125T. I purchased this from the original family in Kansas last year, but the guitar is not really my style. Would rather it go to someone who would appreciate it. Comes with original brown case ("Lifton" badge inside). The guitar is nearly unplayed - all...
  8. treyrab

    FS: 2003 Les Paul R7 Custom Shop (Brazilian) - Free Overnight Ship

    Hi All - I am selling my 2003 Gibson Custom Shop R7. I just got a new Historic Makeovers R9, so this has to go. The R7 is in fantastic shape and is 100% stock and a good weight at 8.5lbs on my scale. While it is out of the "Brazilian S/N range", many R7s still received Brazilian; based on a few...
  9. treyrab

    NGD - Vintage 1959 ES-345 TDSV

    Aloha folks! I thought I would share a cool new vintage ES that I recently found. Those who know me understand that I just can't say "No" to any vintage ES, but particularly '59 ES-345s, which I think are very special guitars. I didn't currently have a Sunburst, so found one and added it to...
  10. treyrab

    FS: Tom Murphy Painted & Aged '59 Les Paul - #7/100, 8.2 lbs, Killer Top

    Hi Everyone - Selling the best Custom Shop LP that I have owned due to a new addition in the family coming soon. This is the 2017 limited run of Tom Murphy LPs where he designed each (100) guitars from start to finish. What: 2017 Tom Murphy Painted & Aged True Historic 1959 Les Paul Standard...
  11. treyrab

    NGD: Vintage 1959 ES-345 Cherry Red

    Hi Everyone - I wanted to share a "new" vintage guitar with you all. I believe this is now the 7th cherry-red 1959 ES-345 found (Lucky #7). I happened to be in a lucky scenario traveling to NYC for work last week when I connected with the family who owned the guitar. They decided it was the...
  12. treyrab

    FS: Vintage PAF Pickup w/ Nickel Cover (from 1960/1961)

    Hi All - I just took a PAF out of an early 1961 Gibson. Perfect condition (no rewind, not altered, etc.), great patina on the nickel cover, long original lead (11 inches), strong output (7.5ohm), etc. Pretty much perfect as far as old PAFs go. As long as I net $2,200 I'll be happy (which I...
  13. treyrab

    FS: Gibson T-Top Pickups Patent Humbuckers - Strong/Near Mint/Long Leads

    Hi Everyone - These came out of a 1964 ES-335. The original owner sent his guitar to Gibson in 1978 to have them repair a broken bridge and in the process Gibson installed these pickups into the guitar (go figure....). They are fantastic, but I restored the guitar to "original condition" so am...
  14. treyrab

    FS: 1999 Lifton Gibson Les Paul Case w/ Historic Makeover Aging - Free Overnight Shipping

    Hi Everyone - I recently purchased a vintage 50's Lifton, so I am selling my reissue aged case. The case started its life as a 1999 Lifton Reissue case - Like this one -, which are typically thought of as being the most realistic '59 cases that Gibson has made. I then...
  15. treyrab

    1959 Single Cut Replica - Brazilian, Old Growth, Flamed Maple, etc.

    Hi All - I am selling a (new) 1959 Single Cut, Luthier-Built Replica. I had this built by one of the top luthiers (it takes him about 3 months) and during that time I bought a Les Paul conversion, which is satisfying my Old-Growth needs. Thus, I am putting this up for sale. It has old-growth...
  16. treyrab

    New 1956/1959 Conversion - A Flamey Success!

    Hi Everyone! I just completed a very fun journey that I wanted to share with you all. Knowing that I would (probably) never own a real 'Burst, I wanted to get as close as I could....and that meant going the conversion route. It took me a long time to find the perfect guitar as I wanted A) The...
  17. treyrab

    A HistoricMakeovers NGD - Skinnerburst^2!

    Hi All - This was a fun project that Kim and I conjured up recently. This Les Paul started its life as a 2017 Gibson Historic. Given the maple reminded us both of the Skinnerburst, we decided to go all-out and try to recreate it. Here's the final product and some fun pictures for you all...
  18. treyrab

    FS: Gibson R9 Kluson Vintage Reissue Tuners (Full Set) From 2013 R9

    Hi Guys & Gals - I just changed to Grovers on my R9. I'm not looking to get much for this, just looking to go fast, maybe $30. Send me $30 + $10 shipping and I'll overnight ship this via FedEx. Cheers!
  19. treyrab

    FS: Gibson R9 Wiring Harness (Pots, Caps, Bees) From 2013 R9

    Hi Guys & Gals - I just upgraded my wiring harness on my R9. I'm not looking to get much for this, just looking to go fast, maybe $50. Send me $50 + $10 shipping and I'll overnight ship this via FedEx. Cheers!
  20. treyrab

    NGD! Duane Allman Hot 'Lanta Burst Look-Alike?

    Happy [Flametop] Friday everyone! Wanted to share this little guy that walked into the door yesterday. As soon as I saw it, I thought: Hey, that is Duane, with the distinct gullwing maple! I just need to remove the guard now I think! For details, this is a Gibson R9 refinished and aged by...

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