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  1. G Man

    Taking a break from MLP

    The fascist right-wing is getting stronger by the day in here. You all can have it.
  2. G Man

    Belated NGD, MIJ Offset Tele all hog

    Picked this one up a while back and can't seem to put it down. This is from a limited run of MIJ Offset Teles in all mahogany with a nice full U shaped neck. Recently swapped out the stock pups for a set I had Josh Gravelin wind for me and added a set of Rutter's compensated brass saddles...
  3. G Man

    First Christmas without me Mum

    My mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer last April, she was gone by the end of August, 76 years old, never smoked a day in her life. She was the epitome of the church lady, having been a church organist since the age of 15. Needless to say, we didn't see eye to eye on many things, but...
  4. G Man

    2007 Gadow Custom Hollow w/ReWind pickups PRICE DROP

    This is a 2007 Gadow Custom Hollow with upgraded ReWind H.O. pickups that were specially wound for this guitar with a hotter slug coil, so when using them in split coil mode there is not as much of a volume drop as there normally is in a coil split setup. Push/pull pots on both the volume and...
  5. G Man

    Martin 00-15S Custom

    I've been playing pretty much all bass and drums these days, and its time for this to go to someone who will play it more than I do. This is a beautiful Martin 00-15 12 Fret Slothead that is one of a small batch ordered by Podium Music in Minn, MN. This guitar is a joy to play and super...
  6. G Man

    NBD: Jack Casady Bass 20th Anniversary Ed.

    For whatever reason I got a serious case of GAS for one of these recently, and one thing lead to another, and here I am. Really digging it so far. Put a set of flatwounds on right off the bat and have a set of Gotoh Res O Lites on order for it, as these are known to suffer from neck dive and...
  7. G Man

    RIP John Barlow

    This man was responsible for some of my favorite songs. All due praises, RIP Mr. Barlow.
  8. G Man

    SOLD Ibanez SRFF805 Fanned Fret 5 String bass

    I just picked up a four string and own another five string, so this one has to go. It is a great playing bass, regardless of how crazy the fanned fret thing looks. The bart's sound great and there is a lot of versatility with the pre-amp and passive/active switch, google the model number for...
  9. G Man

    Gregg Allman's post-humous release on NPR 1st listen now

    Probably only be up for a week or so before it officially drops. Listen while you can.
  10. G Man

    1995 Hamer USA Eclipse

    As I am now playing bass in one band and drums in another, I have come the the realization that I really don't need as many guitars as I have and hate to see them just sit in their case. *This is a great example of the Eclipse, beautiful piece of Honduran Hog that sits very comfortably due to...
  11. G Man

    New toy, Little Bagger.

    Put down a deposit on this yesterday, 2010 Kawasaki Vulcan VN900 Classic with some nice add ons. Been a bunch of years since I've owned a bike, and with the kids old enough now, it just seemed like time. Can't wait till riding season.
  12. G Man

    2012 Giffin Vikta

    Great guitar here, just not getting played since I got my Gadow, I really only need one P90 guitar. So, 2012 Giffin Vikta, one of the all mahogany ones, unlike the majority of these which are maple/alder. Great sounding guitar with a very comfortable slight V neck. Attention to detail is evident...
  13. G Man

    NDD Tama Silverstar Bop

    So, as I have accepted my new status as a drummer again, after at least a 20 year hiatus, I decided that I needed a small set for the house that my son and I can practice on, as well as an easy smaller set to lug around to jams and such. Got a great deal on a used Tama Silverstar Jazz kit...
  14. G Man

    NGD, Gadow Custom Hollow P90 custom, Pelham Blue

    I received this last week, not bad, right around 7 months from initial order, was promised within 9, so I'm more than happy with that. One piece flamed maple top, korina body and neck, ebony board, right around 7 lb.s, 1 3/4" nut, 25.5" scale, VVT. Really comfortable in hand, the neck feels...
  15. G Man

    2002 US Made Robin Ranger w/ECP pickups

    I believe this is a 2002, US Made Robin Ranger in lightly reliced, super thin TV Yellow nitro with a big old maple flamed neck sporting one of the darkest EIR boards I have ever seen. Nice Ash body at jaust a little under 7 lb.s, very comfortable with the tummy cut. This used to belong to Greg...
  16. G Man

    What ever became of geochemist?

    Seems he got banned back in April, but I could never figure out why, and I haven't seen him around since, which is a shame, as he seemed like one of the few adults with a clue on here.
  17. G Man

    Tone wood question

    I'm having a Gadow Custom Hollow built for me using Korina back/sides and neck, ebony board. I was originally thinking Korina top as well, but Ryan has suggested a Maple cap to bring out the highs. Would the Korina top be too mushy/bass heavy/lacking mids, or just nice and smooth, like an all...
  18. G Man

    PSA: Soul Tramp 12 on the bay

    Not mine, no affiliation with seller, but the builder is a member here and builds great amps, but as of yet, there are not that many available to purchase, so jump on this one if you can. I've got the original prototype and it is everything you could want in a tweed and then some. Boutique...
  19. G Man

    NGD: US Hamer Eclipse, w/hot rodding.

    Picked this up last week, and while waiting for its arrival bought a few parts to hot rod it with. Faber compensated wrap bridge, TonePros locking studs, ReWind Dynamo pickups. Here's a couple quick shots, one before and a couple of after. Killer one-piece Honduran hog body with killer...
  20. G Man

    Impedance and tone question

    All things being equal, is there any noticeable difference between running at 4, 8 or 16 Ohms? Obviously assuming an amp that has all three options and speaker cabs with properly matched speakers. In other words, you have an amp that can run any of the above three Ohm ratings, and have a...

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