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  1. mobprop667

    since i have been gone, this is what i have been doing with some of my time.

    since i have been away from here for a long time i have gotten back into some other hobbies, like my star wars collecting and painting and such. my buddy chris and i recently got ahold of a beat up hasbro millennium falcon static toy that was in a bit of a mess, and we decided to upgrade the...
  2. mobprop667

    dont pop in very much anymore so.....

    hey everyone, just thought i would stop in and say hello to some of the members that may remember who the hell i am. i just wanted to drop a line and let my old friends here know that i am on facebook a lot more than here as i do most of my stuff from my phone now. if you want to keep in touch...
  3. mobprop667

    if you gew up in baltimore or dc in the 80's you might remember this christmas song.

    just found this on youtube. i remember rocking out to this on my walkman in the 80's
  4. mobprop667

    merry christmas from the mobprop family.

    just wanted to pop in and wish everyone a very merry christmas and a happy new year. i am not around here very much anymore, and some of you newer folks may not know me, but merry christmas to you as well. I hope each and every one of you is blessed with a great end to 2015 and may 2016 be a...
  5. mobprop667

    still alive. thought i would check in.

    hey everyone. yep, i am still around. here are some random pics of what i have been up to. i still pop in here from time to time, but i am spending a lot less time online and trying to be with family more. hope all you knuckleheads are well.
  6. mobprop667

    dropping in. new pics of betty.

    hey folks. just popping in real quick. thought i would share a few recent pics of my baby. Here is Betty: hope ya like em.
  7. mobprop667

    random guitars that i have been playing lately. pics.

    some are mine, others belong to a couple of friends. these are what i have been playing with since i dont spend so much time here now. since they are all over the place, i didnt put the pics in any particular guitar section, just stuck them here.
  8. mobprop667

    my daughters star wars collection.

    i used to have a very large and valuable star wars collection that i had accumulated over many years, which was sadly totally destroyed in a storm and roof collapse almost 15 years ago while in storage. after it was destroyed i told myself i would never collect the stuff again. now my 7 yr old...
  9. mobprop667

    dutchburst R0 at work. pics.

    here are a few pics of the dutchburst collectors choice we have at the shop. my favourite of the collectors choice series. i took these pics for the shops facebook page, so i thought i would post them here for you to enjoy. hop you like em.
  10. mobprop667

    how time flies

    in 2008, i was a new member here and was thrilled that my wife was going to have a baby. i announced the birth of my daughter Lily here even before i contacted family. here she is right after being born: about a year old: a little older, having ice cream and chocolate for the first time...
  11. mobprop667

    popping in to say hello on a friday.

    just thought i would stop in and say hello on a friday. i couldnt think of a good meltdown topic, as i have been away from here for so long, so maybe i will post some random pics for ****s and giggles. me and the wife at the movies: my goofy daughter refuses to take a normal pic: hanging...
  12. mobprop667

    living with depression

    hey everyone. i know i havent posted in a while, and when i have it has been a short comment, and not much else more. as a lot of you know, i used to be a moderator here, and i work in a music shop. what a lot of you may not know is that i suffer from pretty profound depression. I have been...
  13. mobprop667

    winter has come to ireland.

    at least up north anyway.
  14. mobprop667

    Checking in.

    Just thought I would stop in and say hello. I still lurk from time to time, and thought I would check in so some of you dingbats wouldn't think I was dead. Seems like LtDave and paruwi are doing a bang up job. Way more professional than I was, lol. Anyway, just thought I would say howdy and...
  15. mobprop667

    anybody also watching "the following"?

    i am probably late to this party since i live in europe, but i have been hooked on this show for a while now. anyone else?
  16. mobprop667

    when i joined here, my daughter was 2 months away from being born, now...

    the day after she was born: 4 months old: 11months old: 4 years old: last week on st patricks day. she will be 6 years old on april 22nd. where has the time gone?
  17. mobprop667

    about to go insane.

    damn, the last two weeks have been kicking my ass. i am just typing this stuff out because it is the only way i can think to process all of it, and my brain has turned to mush. first the good bit: my wife has been called back for second interviews back in the states in my home state for two...
  18. mobprop667

    a pics of my lp custom taken this morning at work.

    just like the title says, i was at work early jamming in the shop and took a couple of pics of my lp custom. just thought i would post them up for kicks.
  19. mobprop667

    Anything from the 2014 gib Usa lineup ya really wanna see?

    We just did our big 2014 order for the shop, and for the first time it was tough. Trying to gauge a market for guitars that I haven't seen yet. Anyone have any early favourites? What is gonna die a horrible death?
  20. mobprop667

    challenge: i dare fezz not to post in this thread

    i bet he cant go more than 1 page before he has to reply in this thread. you can do it tim, i have faith. read but do not post, i dare ya. :)

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