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  1. Al Walker

    Frets won't seat

    My fret job failed. Most of the frets wouldn't seat flat against the fret board. I radiused the board (12 inch radius) and bought the properly radiused frets. I recut the fret slots deep enough and still they would't sit properly.Why? I was going to settle with it, but, because the frets are off...
  2. Al Walker

    fret board damage

    How much can I sand down this fret board? As you can see it has some big dings in it. Should I fill them or keep sanding? They deep.
  3. Al Walker

    Cort Panther with Upgrades

    $225 OBO.
  4. Al Walker

    Teisco Tulip Referbished and Customized

    Starting bid $160.
  5. Al Walker

    1966 250K Centralab pot

    I have a 1966 250k Centralab pulled from a Melody Maker.
  6. Al Walker

    Stratcaster style body

    I have a semi loaded Stratcaster style body for sale Semi loaded with trem, pickguard, backplate and jack plate. $40.oo & $20.00 shipping. Alsolistedon Reverb with neck for $80.00 plus $40.00 shipping...
  7. Al Walker


    New guitar project day. I sold a 1965 Melody Maker awhile back and have missed it ever since. SO, I bought a project Melody Maker husk. It's even my favorite color. It has a headstock repair. The front looks pretty good the back of the neck, not so much. Plan is to build a player. My old one was...
  8. Al Walker

    Inexpensive guitars for sale on Reverb.

    Here are some guitars I have on Reverb. Need to sell these to purchase a Les Paul Special.
  9. Al Walker

    shim material?

    Where can I get paper thin shim material to shim the sides of a neck pocket? I'm putting a Fender neck on a Teisco Tulip and it's pocket is wider then a Fender pocket. StewMack sells acoustic neck shims for about $10 and charges about $10 to ship them. Any other place I can find these at a more...
  10. Al Walker

    Alnico poles over alnico bar?

    OK, so, I'm experimenting with some pickups I have hanging around. Just for fun. Can you put alnico pole magnets over a bar magnet? Alnico 3 over alnico 5, alnico 2 0ver alnico 5, or other combos. What is the result. I'm also thinking of making pole magnet humbuckers with mixed alnicos. Your...
  11. Al Walker

    Blush remover?

    I've decided to paint a project guitar Duplicolor pearl white. Just to be prepared. I was wondering if there is a place locally, as in paint stores or home improvement stores, I can buy blush remover in a spray can? Also, How much time do I have IF I do get blushing? Thanks in advance for your help.
  12. Al Walker

    Set to spec?

    Just was wondering if most of you set your pickups to factory spec's. Personally I don't. Most of my pickups and even setup are not at spec. I set everything where it sounds and feels like I like it. In the same vain. Do you set your amp up with everything at 12:00 like most articles and videos...
  13. Al Walker

    2019 Les Paul Jr Tribute

    Here is the new Junior. The jury is out on this one for me. What do you think?
  14. Al Walker

    Can't stay logged in.

    Why wont the site let me stayed logged in? I have to log in each time, even though I check the box every time.
  15. Al Walker

    Gbony or dyed rosewood?

    Sorry guys, but, have posted this on another forum and thread and haven't really got an answer, Not that it really matters. I have an Epi 339 P90 Pr0. Epiphone says the fingerboard is rosewood, but, it's almost black, can someone tell me if this is Ebony or not? Thanks!
  16. Al Walker

    What wood is this?

    I bought an Epi ES339 P90 Pro. The website said the finger board was rosewood. It's almost black in color. Can this be Ebony? Attached is a picture of the board. Shows the grain and color. Just curious. Any expert opinions? Should I ask in the luthier section?
  17. Al Walker

    NGD Finally

    Finally got my new ES339 P90 Pro. Picked it up late this evening. Got home about 10:00 PM. Adjusted the action (needs a little more adjustment) and pickup height (before realizing the amp was on the gain channel). I'm a bit tired,so, please excuse the stupidity. There is a slight finish flaw on...
  18. Al Walker

    Update on NGD

    Well, I should be getting my ES339 P90 Pro tomorrow (after 1.5 months). Seems that that guitar is now a CG/ Musicians Friend exclusive. :facepalm: Since I ordered it before this situation the rep is pulling it from GCs order. Thanks to Mark at Big Apple Music for standing up for me and my order...
  19. Al Walker

    ES 339 P90 Pro?

    Just ordered a new ES 339 P90 Pro (like the photo below) and case. What are your opinions on them? Actually don't know if I like the neck profile ' but, I like the guitar itself. Had store credit and they couldn't get me a Nighthawk which I was not sure about either, but, wanted to try.
  20. Al Walker

    Nighthawk anyone?

    I am concidering buying a Nighthawk. Anyone here have one? What ya think of them?

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