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  1. dave b


    That's too funny. I just cut mine off today as well, back to 1/2 inch. Back in March I decided to grow a pandemic beard and just stopped trimming every couple of days. By the fall I looked like Jeremiah Johnson, so I trimmed most of it off, and promptly let it grow out again until today. It...
  2. dave b

    Post a cool picture.......

    It almost got me.......but it didn't.
  3. dave b

    Singer tells drummer to stop dragging.

    Not quite what I was expecting.........but yep, funny :laugh2:
  4. dave b

    Cupcake? Heresy? Pony? 4 stacks of plexi?

    A good Saturday morning to all. It's my turn to NOT work this weekend, and she just handed me a cup of coffee. Ahhhhhhh. It's a 'read the paper' and 'putter around the house' kind of day, methinks. Maybe work some more on Hot Rod Lincoln. Damn, that's hard to get up to speed when you've had a...
  5. dave b

    This is terrible

    I gave the article a quick look. Horrible is an understatement. It'll turn out to be incompetence, corruption, and lots of plain old 'don't give a fuck' in some combination. That's a lot of kids getting the wrong education.
  6. dave b

    Does anything really surprise you anymore?

    That would be quite a .....feet.
  7. dave b

    NPD: New Puppy Day

    Great looking dog, man. :thumb:
  8. dave b

    Jazz Fusion Drummer hears (and plays) Enter Sandman for the first time!

    I wish I could listen to guitar parts and replicate them that easily. That was cool. Thx for posting.
  9. dave b

    Where are you at right now? Show a picture

    Sitting in my La-Z-Boy, looking at my La-Z-Boy feet, with a TV in the background.:beer:
  10. dave b

    Craigslist “flagged for removal”. WTF???

    The Tele is strictly for self defense :laugh2:
  11. dave b

    Craigslist “flagged for removal”. WTF???

    I was just thinking...someone sent that to me, I might want to meet him, just fer shits 'n' giggles. Maybe bring a Telecaster.... :laugh2:
  12. dave b

    Ok, I need examples of the most comfortable guitar straps known to man...

    20 years ago, I sewed a piece of sheepskin to my strap at my pressure point. (A knobby collarbone from healing crooked after a break) Still using the same strap on all my gits.:thumb:
  13. dave b

    Cupcake? Heresy? Pony? 4 stacks of plexi?

    Actually.....exactly like that. I used to do the CB radio thing back in the mid 70's. With the skip, from St. John's, Newfoundland, I talked to people as far away as Greenland, and Millinocket, Maine. (That's the only two I can recall) Cold, clear winter nights were best. Pretty cool.
  14. dave b

    Small Band Issues - What do you guys think?

    You are NOT being unreasonable. Hell, I'm GRATEFUL to our drummer that we've practiced in HIS basement for years (decades, actually), and we've never approached once a week.
  15. dave b

    How Often Do You Look At Your Phone?

    When it rings. Which ain't often. (Yes, it's an old-style telephone ringtone :laugh2: ) or a text notification. There really aren't any other good reasons. I work with several (much younger than I) people who will happily stare at their phones all day if allowed. Weapon of mass distraction.
  16. dave b

    Motivation video - Comfortably Numb (PULSE) after my first 6 months of self teaching the guitar

    Not bad for nine months. I've been 'learning how to play guitar' for over 50 years. :laugh2: Do you know anyone else who plays? There is no substitute for playing with others as a tool for improvement. Keep it up.
  17. dave b

    I know some of youns pictures are in this article. Fess up

    :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: I'm dyin' here.
  18. dave b

    Valentine's Day sucks....

    Unfortunately true, for some. I speak from experience.....decades of it. I wish you well, man. Time heals, and if it never heals completely, time sure helps.
  19. dave b

    Helicopter pilot is fearless.......

    Yeah, I'd say he's done THAT before. Wow. Never saw that trick before now. Bravo.:applause:

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