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    2003 Gibson Les Paul Custom Shop 1960 Reissue. Very good condition. Has some typical play wear, nothing I would consider bad. Some minor buckle rash, scratches/swirls, a few minor bumps here and there, again nothing terrible. Frets are in excellent condition with little wear and tons of life...
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    No longer available. Please delete. Thanks.
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    Monster Player HH Tele Style Build.

    Insanely great playing and sounding Tele build for not a lot of dough. Neck: WD Maple with Satin Nitro finish. Professionally Plek’d, bone nut. Nut Width = 1 11/16 in. Profile Shape = Modern C. I will measure with my calipers as soon as I get a battery. It feels great to me. Reminds me of my...
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    Sold. Mid 2000’s Gibson Historic Lifton Style Les Paul Case. Mint.

    Mid 2000’s Gibson Custom Shop Historic Les Paul case. Minty condition with keys. Sold. Thanks for looking.
  7. guitaraddict

    Sold. 2002 Gibson Les Paul Standard. Honey Burst 60’s Neck.

    2002 Gibson Les Paul Standard Plus. Honey Burst. 60’s neck. Excellent+ condition. Super clean for 19 years old. A few extremely minor blems that I tried to show in the pics, otherwise amazing. Zero fret wear on the original fret dressing. All original besides a Tonepros locking tailpiece and...
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    Sold. Melancon Custom Artist. 5A Burled Maple Top. Beautiful Boiled Crawfish Finish w/Brazilian Fret Board.

    Melancon Custom Artist. 5A Burled Maple Top. Beautiful Boiled Crawfish finish w/Brazilian fret board. Crazy nice. Sold.... Video of the actual guitar. Excellent condition all around. If you look under bright light, at the right angle, you can see where the finish has faintly settled...
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    WTB: Early 2000’s black Gibson Les Paul Case.

    I’m looking for a Early 2000’s black Gibson USA Les Paul case. Thanks for looking.
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    Sold. 2006 Gibson Les Paul Studio. Gloss Ebony w/OHSC. $650+Shipping.

    2006 Gibson Les Paul Studio. Gloss Ebony. Very good player condition. Has some play wear but nothing I’d consider bad. Has the typical fine swirls/scratches and some indentations but overall looks great. Frets are in excellent condition for a ‘06. Medium rounded neck profile. Stock 490R/498T...
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    No longer looking. Thanks.
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    FT: 2019 Fender American Performer Stratocaster for Gibson SG Standard.

    2019 Fender American Performer Stratocaster. Very nice condition. Clean frets. Exceptional playing Strat. Modern C neck, 9.5 radius and jumbo frets. A few nice upgrades: Graphtech string saver saddles and Fender locking tuners. Tuners are a direct fit, no mods were needed. These come with a...
  13. guitaraddict

    2019 Gibson Les Paul Standard 50’s Goldtop. Sold.

    2019 Gibson Les Paul Standard 50’s Goldtop. Very nice condition. I don’t see any notable fret wear. No buckle rash. Typical fine swirls and a few micro blems but still super clean. Plastic jack mount has a few cracks but 100% stable. I have a metal one, nickel finish that I can include if...
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    WTB: Clean SG Standard.

    Looking for a nice SG Standard. I’ve sold several really nice ones on here that I should’ve kept for $750-$850. Hoping to find one in that price range if possible. :cheers2:
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    Up for sale is a phenomenal playing and sounding guitar that was professionally assembled with top notch parts by a luthier in Tacoma. The neck was made by Sweetwood guitars (Glenn makes some of the best in the business). Indian Rosewood fretboard, medium C asymmetrical profile, medium jumbo...
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    2019 Gibson Les Paul Standard 60’s. Sold.

    2019 Gibson Les Paul Standard 60’s. Bourbon Burst. Nice lightly used condition. Has a few very minor imperfections but nothing even close to bad. Typical fine scratches/swirls. A few impressions on the back that aren’t through the finish. A couple of tiny dings on the side of the headstock...
  17. guitaraddict

    FT: G&L Legacy HH. Graphite Metallic. USA. Looking for a SG.

    I’m looking to trade for a Gibson SG Standard. Preferably one with a chunky neck. 2013 G&L Legacy HH. Beautiful Graphite Metallic. Excellent condition all around. Typical pickguard swirls. I can find any dings or scratches. Frets are in great condition as well with minimal wear. Alder body...
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    No longer available. Thanks.
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    Sold. Old Gibson ABR-1 Bridge.

    I’ve had this in my parts drawer for a very longtime. I have no idea what it came off of or what year it’s from? Fits on Nashville size posts which are included. Has a little pad over the wire which can be easily removed. Saddles are out of order in pics. Oops. Sold.
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    Sold. Please delete. Thanks.

    Sold. 2013 Gibson Les Paul ‘58 Reissue. Lemon. Beautiful condition all around. Typical fine swirl/scratches, has the tiniest bit of hanger wear on the bass side of the headstock but it’s extremely minor. No fret wear. All stock. Custombucker pickups. Weighs 9.2 lbs. Setup with 10-46 strings...

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