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  1. ErictheRed

    NPD - new zebras!

    I've bought a lot of Bare Knuckle pickups over the past year, most for one project guitar: Emeralds, Nailbombs, Holydivers, and True Grits. The customizability is great, but otherwise I don't think that they're worth the price, honestly. For my tastes, I actually ended up liking the True Grits...
  2. ErictheRed

    Before you swap out your Burstbuckers...

    This is just trolling, plain and simple. You say that you have personally done all of these experiments, but of course you have nothing to share with us, and you imply that you won't believe anyone here who says that they have done the same experiments. You also claim that another person's...
  3. ErictheRed

    Output Transformers....where the magic lives!

    I am not personally a fan of Mercury Magnetics, I have to say. Heyboers have always worked great for me, though!
  4. ErictheRed

    Before you swap out your Burstbuckers...

    It's not pseudo-science, and I actually teach physics and electrical engineering (I have a BS in both and MS in electrical engineering, not PhD admittedly). But OK, I'm not going to get into a huge debate on the internet. I've already admitted that the overall affect is not massive. As for...
  5. ErictheRed

    Before you swap out your Burstbuckers...

    By raising and lowering the pole pieces (also by raising and lowering the overall height of the pickup, but then you're also changing the slug side), you change the strength (and geometry, since it isn't a planar wave) of the magnetic field that the strings interact with to induce a current in...
  6. ErictheRed

    Neck pickup, help me end the madness!

    50's wiring, EQ your clean amp to your neck pickup with the tone on 10, then use the bridge pickup with the tone down around 4-7, depending. That will usually do the trick. I admit that for me and my tastes, I have never had this problem with a Les Paul, at least not after converting to 50s...
  7. ErictheRed

    Before you swap out your Burstbuckers...

    It's been made into a sticky:
  8. ErictheRed

    Stumped with HUM

    Not necessarily, two guitars could have poor wiring. If he unplugs the guitar and the hum is still there, THEN it's definitely not the guitar!
  9. ErictheRed

    Recommendations? Strat pickups...

    I recently bought a Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound middle for a HSH guitar, and...I don't recommend it. It's flat and high output (which I wanted), but doesn't sound very Strat like at all. I'm on a similar mission as you, and I'm looking into Lindy Fralin pickups, which have an option called...
  10. ErictheRed

    Stumped with HUM

    Well, each pot needs to be grounded as well, but it's best to use the minimum number of wire loops (zero ideally). If you traced out the wiring, you might see that most components are grounded to one pot, and then from there a few "tendrils" go off to bring the ground to the other pots and the...
  11. ErictheRed

    Stumped with HUM

    Ground loop is the most likely culprit, there's a reason that everything is usually grounded to one pot.
  12. ErictheRed

    Whats the deal with PRS guitars?

    I had done a lot of internet research about a year ago and went into the guitar store looking to buy a Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 or similar. Instead, I walked out with a Suhr Modern, which I hadn't even considered before going in! I have zero GAS for a PRS now, even negative GAS. None of the...
  13. ErictheRed

    God damn cancer

    My 37 year old sister is dieing of cancer and most likely won't survive to see her 38th birthday. Fuck cancer, I don't know what else to say.
  14. ErictheRed

    2021 Wizard Amplification W800 - JCM 800 killer!

    I noticed that the Master was down pretty low, about what volume was that? Does it have any low power modes or anything? Cool amp.
  15. ErictheRed

    Wiring Roadblock, Volume/Volume/Tone (Split/Split/Phase) (3-way)

    Oh man, sorry to hear it. Unfortunately this is the kind of job that's impossible to do without a multimeter, unless you get extremely lucky and get everything right the first time with no issues. Get some solder remover like this: and start cleaning all of the solder off of everything so...
  16. ErictheRed

    Wiring Roadblock, Volume/Volume/Tone (Split/Split/Phase) (3-way)

    I just realized that I can't give you a simpler wiring solution if 1) your selector switch is far away from the others (you need extra leads to go through the body to get there), and 2) you want to be able to switch phase. I was going to suggest that you give me a quick phone call, but now I...
  17. ErictheRed

    Wiring Roadblock, Volume/Volume/Tone (Split/Split/Phase) (3-way)

    One more thing: can you do me a quick favor? I want to make sure that all of these manufacturers are using the same terminology. Do you have a multimeter to measure resistance? Make sure that the maximum amount of resistance is measured between your BLK and GRN wires on each pickup. The...
  18. ErictheRed

    Wiring Roadblock, Volume/Volume/Tone (Split/Split/Phase) (3-way)

    Thanks for that. It would help if you actually labeled the signal names at each connection, so that I didn't have to look up the key for each different humbucker. Although it appears that the Seymour Duncan and Dean pickups use the same color codes, if I'm not mistaken. I'll try to take a...
  19. ErictheRed

    Wiring Roadblock, Volume/Volume/Tone (Split/Split/Phase) (3-way)

    OK, here is what you need to do. It will only take about 10 minutes up front, but it will save you a bunch of time and headache in the future. I do this for every rewire I do, and I consider myself an expert (avionics technician in the Air Force and electrical engineer for almost 15 years...

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