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  1. Fillmore

    Habs fire Julien

    Positions for NHL coaches and GM's appear to be attached to a revolving door.
  2. Fillmore

    The Song Name Game

    Train Train.....Blackfoot
  3. Fillmore

    There's a special place in hell

  4. Fillmore

    Words that shouldn't be used together

    Broken Les Paul.
  5. Fillmore

    How Often Do You Look At Your Phone?

    Usually when I set on it....."What the heck was that?....Oh, my phone". I'm old I forget things. :rofl:
  6. Fillmore

    So what are you listening to?

    Little Feat....Time Loves A Hero.....Red Streamliner Pat Travers....Heat in the Street....I Tried to Believe.
  7. Fillmore

    There's a special place in hell

    Anyone that harms an animal should be thrown into a wood chipper. Animals live in a state of right or wrong. Just life.
  8. Fillmore

    Watch NASA’s Perseverance Rover Land on Mars!

    Thanks for the heads up. Love this stuff.
  9. Fillmore

    Helicopter pilot is fearless.......

  10. Fillmore

    So what are you listening to?

    Gregg Allman....All my Friends.
  11. Fillmore

    Do you ever have so many guitars it becomes unethical?

    I'm a lefty and that limits my choices. And that's a good thing. I have three guitars, an acoustic - why, I have no idea, an American strat - because Clapton plays them and my Les Paul. When I play or noodle which more to the point, I always grab my LP. So if I have three or thirty I'm sure I...
  12. Fillmore

    Goodbye California - Hello Florida

    Back in the fifties and sixties I fell in love with the California myth....The Beach Boys songs, the car and motorcycle culture, surfing, great music and cool drive-ins. The same thing with Florida...everyday was a Jimmy Buffett song. Thing is I was just visiting not living there. So the reality...
  13. Fillmore

    What online courses are you currently taking?

    Justin Sandercoe and Jack Pearson.
  14. Fillmore

    Lefty-learned-Righty...never got past strumming really... wondering if it's a L/R brain thing

    When I was a kid my uncle gave me two right hand acoustic guitars which I started banging on as left handed. That lead to me playing the drums?????? So all these years later, in my seventies, I want to play guitar and without a thought buy a lefty. It just feels like me and comfortable. If you...
  15. Fillmore

    Sippin' some bourbon

    Seven.....thanks for the heads up.
  16. Fillmore

    Backyard pics.....

    Back in the eighties a buddy of mine was doing research on bow configuration for icebreakers. Seems a polar bear took a liking to one of their snowmobiles. After throwing it around the big boy ate the seat.
  17. Fillmore

    Chick Corea ...

    RIP Chick.
  18. Fillmore

    Pileup on I35W in Fort Worth, 100 cars, 5 dead.

    Awful. I feel bad for all involved and their families.
  19. Fillmore

    Sippin' some bourbon

    I've been drinking scotch and I enjoy it. Honestly I like bourbon but it kicks my geezer butt. Any suggestions for a smooth less lethal bourbon.
  20. Fillmore

    Is Alex Lifeson selling his guitar collection?!

    Just think of all the music in those guitars.

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