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  1. fatdaddypreacher

    Building A Les Paul

    yes...important. overdrill the maple to be sure the screw slips and doesn't engage in the maple, but rather passes through and pulls the two pieces together. very important point
  2. fatdaddypreacher

    Luthier's Tips, Tricks And Tutorials

    like you said in an earlier post....i overlooked this one somehow when it was published. while i'll probably never build one, i like looking at threads of other models. this has exceptionally crisp work, has great pics, and is well delivered.
  3. fatdaddypreacher

    Building A Les Paul

    ^^^i agree about the screws. i always establish my centerline before cutting edge profile on my back piece, and then line the splice on the top accordingly. if this is done before gluing, it's easy to predrill the top assuring it won't scoot around when glueing. when glueing, i start with the...
  4. fatdaddypreacher

    1958/63 Explorer build

    i didn't realize that
  5. fatdaddypreacher

    1958/63 Explorer build

    oops...just caught where pshupe brought that point up, but i've done that before on bodies blanks with great success
  6. fatdaddypreacher

    1958/63 Explorer build

    could you select offcuts that match in color and grain and glue on 'ears' in the appropriate spots?
  7. fatdaddypreacher

    Gibson Les Paul Custom 'Refinish' + Modifications

    i'm curious about the thickness myself. looks more like poly.
  8. fatdaddypreacher

    Lockdown led to new guitar building company.

    very nice stuff
  9. fatdaddypreacher

    alder w/cap of maple/ junior plan

  10. fatdaddypreacher

    CS-336 build

    great looking guitar and even better looking grandson.
  11. fatdaddypreacher

    Unofficial estimate for insurance purposes

    this information exchange has been perhaps one of the most interesting, informing and productive exchanges i have seen in a long time. great logic involved and much learned. i feel many viewers will learn from this. thanks guys. i love this forum
  12. fatdaddypreacher

    Thicknessing figured maple tops

    then i would highly recomment a planer. they are indispensable in that regard
  13. fatdaddypreacher

    New Kit Build - Stain Question

    the problem i see with stains, is that they apply directly to the wood. if you go for something and it's not to your liking, you have to sand it back and try again. of course, you should allways test on scraps to get what you want, to minimize or eliminate undesired results. the option, is to...
  14. fatdaddypreacher

    Polishing frets with MicroMesh pads.

    i have used a soft clean cloth with a little dab on the end of it, and sometimes i use a soft buffing wheel on my dremel, turned down a little low. i generally use cloth, though. if the dremel snags the edge of the binding it wil burn it pretty quick. i can't tell the difference between doing...
  15. fatdaddypreacher

    Polishing frets with MicroMesh pads.

    i just use wet or dry paper (dry, of course), after i crown. i start with 320 and stop with 2000, then use polishing compound, then swirl remover. of course i mask off the fretboard, using three layers of blue painters tape. i do one at a time and move down once i finish with the compound...
  16. fatdaddypreacher

    Mixing opaque lacquer colors

    someone else needs to weigh in on that, as i don't know. perhaps cm knows.
  17. fatdaddypreacher

    Mixing opaque lacquer colors

    if you are responding to failsafe's post no 13, i took it to meant the paint shop didn't have any pigments compatable with lacquer. i didn't take it that he was disputing laying lacquer over those other bases, but i may be wrong.
  18. fatdaddypreacher

    Mixing opaque lacquer colors

    we only have one major auto paint supplier here, but several years ago when i made my attempt, i was told that the industry as a whole is moving away from lacquer, as the govt is making it harder and harder with the restrictions put on it, combined with the newer, better finishes...
  19. fatdaddypreacher

    Mixing opaque lacquer colors

    just saw this after i wrote my did you keep it from that deep purple when well lit? i used several coats myself....just curious
  20. fatdaddypreacher

    Mixing opaque lacquer colors

    dont commit all of your lacquer before you do a test to see if they are in fact compatable. while i'm sure cmj is quite right in that 'most'' are compatable, i had an experience trying that once and the tint didn't mix at all. it was like oil and water. I can also confirm the trans tint deal...

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