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  1. Progear

    former G E Smith Burst

    Amazing stuff...
  2. Progear

    Considering a 1954 Goldtop

    I drive by tone tailors everyday to work, been very tempted to atop by to check out there ‘54, but i might like it and buy it.. and i already have a ‘53 and a 56/59 conversion. So iam staying away for now. Good luck with your search.
  3. Progear

    WTB - pre-‘65 ES-335

    Mike, Good luck with your search... i have a ‘63 es335 and its amazing... your going to be in love, when you find her.
  4. Progear

    WTB - pre-‘65 ES-335

    Save some $ and search for a es345 ...
  5. Progear

    1952 Goldtop Neck Set Issues

    Mine is in 900 range with the studs in place
  6. Progear

    1952 Goldtop Neck Set Issues

    i have a ‘53 that came with a bigsby, but has the original studs installed.. so every year i swap between the bigsby and the stop tail peice. I purchased the stop tail peice off of Danelectro, shaved the bottom a little to bring the action down, work great.. Nice low action and awesome intonation.
  7. Progear

    Guitar Hanger info

    I've being using String Swing for a while and just installed in new studio.. they work great..
  8. Progear

    Removing refin paint

    Hey guys, Need some help.. i got a strat from a friend that seems to have some kind of rattle can refin ( latex ?) There is evidence that it maybe a 50’s body and i can clearly see what appears to be the original finish. What is the best and safest way to remove the rattle can finish and...
  9. Progear

    52 - 59 Les Paul Conversion for Sale....1 piece top!!!!!

    Can’t believe she hasn’t sold yet... GLWS
  10. Progear

    TRADE: Two 1954 Gibson Les Paul Goldtops

    Abalone Vintage has a ‘57 gold top in your price range.. try him he might be interest in a trade..
  11. Progear

    52 - 59 Les Paul Conversion for Sale....1 piece top!!!!!

    What a beauty ....:applause:
  12. Progear

    Coupla old Les Pauls

    Dang !!!!!!!
  13. Progear

    Help authenticate this 56’ Tweed Deluxe

    Nice amp...
  14. Progear

    25 YEARS!

    Congrats buddy...
  15. Progear

    Refin 1955 Gibson Les Paul - To Do It or Not?

    Your les Paul is my favorite looking black top LP... leave it be ...
  16. Progear

    WTB: Refin 59-62 Fender Stratocaster

    Try fiesta finishes on gbase... he always has some... I purchase two vinatge refin pieces from him... GLWS
  17. Progear

    FS: VINTAGE Gibson 1953 to 1959 Les Paul Conversion

    Dang, that Yuuki chap does some good work... GLWS..
  18. Progear

    1950's P-90 to PAF Les Paul Conversion

    Dang that Kim guy does some great finishes... I know first hand, he did mine also..
  19. Progear

    1950's P-90 to PAF Les Paul Conversion

    I love these kind of threads... thnx Jim

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